Arctic Cruises and More Adventures in the US and Canadian North

Looking for a unique getaway in a rarely visited part of the world? A trip to the Arctic polar region gives you a unique glimpse into a wilderness and culture unlike any other. Cregor Adventures offers a number of Arctic region destination trips for adventurous travelers of all ages. Get exclusive access to polar bears, beluga whales, caribou, foxes, walruses, musk oxen and more in their natural habitat. See the Northern Lights, and experience the traditional way of life still practiced by many Inuit natives.

Cregor Adventures takes you off the beaten path to one of the few parts of the earth where unspoiled nature still exists.

Arctic Adventures:

Polar Bear Watching

Have you ever wanted to see the largest carnivore on earth? With a trip to see Churchill, Manitoba’s famous polar bear population, you can to just that. Your guide will take you by tundra buggy to the frozen edge of the Hudson Bay, where these majestic and powerful Arctic kings gather each fall before heading further north. We offer several different tours, each with its own unique twist: choose from family-friendly adventures or photojournalism tours that take you to the best picture-taking spots in the region. We also offer rail journeys from Winnipeg, where you’ll see the dramatic changes in the landscape as you venture further north, helicopter journeys to the bears’ denning area and much more! Whatever your interests or activity level, Cregor Adventures has a polar bear tour for you!

See the Arctic Ocean – A Nature Photographer’s Dream!

You may have seen the ocean before, but there’s nothing that compares to the sights you’ll see on an Arctic cruise. See whales, glaciers and fjords up close and personal – from the deck of our comfortable, upscale yacht, you’ll experience a sense of grandeur and awe that can only be experienced in this unique maritime environment. A perfect opportunity for nature enthusiasts, birders and photographers, our Arctic Ocean adventures are a unique window onto the ocean at the top of the world.

Beluga Whale Tours

Travel with us to Churchill in the more temperate summer for one of our exclusive Canada whale tours! Interact with friendly belugas as you tour the Churchill River by kayak or chartered boat. Enjoy breathtaking scenery, search for photo opportunities with caribou and Arctic fox or learn about native cultures in the Eskimo Museum and Parks Canada Interpretive Centre. If you love nature, let us help you plan the beluga whale tour of your dreams!

Arctic Cruises

When you cruise the Arctic with Cregor Adventures, we take you where the big boats can’t go! Our hands-on small boat explorations run the gamut from luxury cruises to active adventures in an upscale yacht. However you prefer to travel with us, be prepared for a close-up look at the Arctic at its wildest! We journey to Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords, Brooks Fall and beyond, where you’ll see grizzly bears, orca whales, massive glaciers and flowing salmon rivers. Our trips can be focused on specific interests, from family-friendly education adventures to picture-taking tours led by professional nature photographers.

Every step of the way, Cregor Adventures is working hard to offer unique adventures and tours of Canada’s Arctic. We work exclusively with local experts to ensure your experience is truly unforgettable. Contact Cregor Adventures today to plan your polar bear trips, cruises and beluga whale tours today!