Picture yourself within arms reach of a 30 ton, 46 foot gentle giant.

No words can really describe your first “friendly” encounter, but “humbling” or “life-changing” might be a good start. Because these whales seem to be as curious about us as we are about them, close encounters are quite common on our Gray Whales of Baja adventure. 
The migration of thousands of gray whales from Alaska’s Bering Sea to the warm, shallow waters of Baja where they breed and calve, is the longest mammal migration in the world – 11,000 miles.

The whales begin their migration from Alaska’s feeding grounds in October, arriving at San Ignacio Lagoon, Scammon’s Lagoon or Magdalena Bay, on the Baja peninsula, by January.

It is here at San Ignacio Lagoon, that we’ll have the rare privilege of watching these magnificent animals in small boats called “pangas.”

Our skilled panga drivers are experts at positioning the boats for maximum whale viewing and the greatest number of close encounters, without disturbing the whales.  
We’ll see a lot of whale activity, including spy-hopping, fluking, breaching, males competing for females, mothers protecting their young, and behavior we can’t explain.

Our exclusive camp site lies adjacent to the largest concentration of gray whales in the San Ignacio Lagoon. So while we are not on the water, we are able to watch the whales from our unique vantage point on shore. This trip is a must for animal lovers, and our location alongside the San Ignacio Lagoon is the absolute best place on earth to see them. So if you’d like a close encounter of the whale kind, join us for a rare opportunity and an adventure of a lifetime!

Adventure Level: Easy


Sample Itinerary


Days 2, 3, 4: Whale Watching Camp

Our “pangas,” just steps from camp, await us each day to take us out among the whales, which are often just offshore. We’ll take two whale watching excursions per day, approximately 2-3 hours each (due to conservation regulations this may vary).

Our camp lies adjacent to the largest concentration of gray whales in San Ignacio Lagoon. So while not on the water, we are able to sit back and enjoy watching the whales from our unique vantage point on shore.

We’ll also explore the various and unique lagoon ecosystems on the island. We’ll walk the shoreline and beaches, tidepool, and photograph birds.

After watching the sunsets fill the lagoon with colors, we’ll enjoy good food, camp comforts and amiable conversation. Natural history discussions and programs, led by our Naturalists, are also part of each day.

Starry nights invite sleep to the sound of the whales, a sound you’ll never forget!

Day 5: San Ignacio – San Diego
After a hearty camp breakfast and a final farewell to the whales, we’ll board the boats and travel back to the inner lagoon. We’ll enjoy lunch at a colorful lagoon-side restaruant before our mid-day charter flight. We will then transfer across the border by bus and return to San Diego late afternoon.

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Dates  Cost
February 2—6, open
February 6—10, open
February 10—14, open
February 14—18, open
February 18—22, open
February 22—26, sold out (private group)
February 26—March 2, open
March 2—6, open
March 6—10, sold out (private group)
March 10—14, open
March 14—18, sold out (private group)
March 18—22, sold out (private group)
March 22—26, open
March 26—30, open
March 30—April 3, sold out (private group)
April 3—7, open
$3,220 (US) Price per person, based on double occupancy.
Single Supplement: $150


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Our whale camp is on an island in the inner lagoon, separated from the mainland by a narrow tidal channel. The island lies several miles from the mouth of Laguna San Ignacio. Our exclusive camp site lies adjacent to the largest concentration of gray whales in the Lagoon.

So while not on the water, we are able to watch the whales from our unique vantage point on shore. Our camp is clean and comfortable, but not luxurious. You will sleep in large private tents equipped with cots, foam pads and linen-lined sleeping bags. Because one of the attractions of our camp is the tranquility of the area and to ensure that the natural sounds of the whales and birds can be heard throughout the day, we rely on solar power for all of our electrical needs. You’ll be pleased with our “state-of-the-art” toilet facilities…marine flushing toilets with a closed system. Solar shower bags, heated in the sun, are used in our private shower facility.

All meals are served in our dining and activity tent. A variety of Mexican and American meals are prepared with lots of fruits and vegetables and, of course, seafood. Beer, wine and soft drinks are provided with meals and at cocktail time.

You’ll never forget your camp experiences, like being lulled to sleep by the sounds of whales as they spout just outside your tent. We feel all of this adds up to a true adventure of a lifetime!

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Postcards from Past Adventurers

The trip was wonderful. The weather cooperated and was sunny, no rain.  The whales were incredible and we did get to touch/pet calves and had whales all around us.  We enjoyed them from shore in our “camp chairs” in the morning and at sunset.  We had a full moon while we were there and it was beautiful.  In the morning, we had the setting moon, the rising sun, and spy-hopping whales right outside our tent.  We both enjoyed it immensely and are already plotting how we can get back down to Baja

It was a wonderful trip, and really made possible by your asking “could your friend do it on a slightly different date” than we’d been trying to get.  Otherwise, everyone was booked.  So, thanks for asking that and so grateful there were 2 spots left.

Many thanks and I’m still blissful from the trip (despite a hectic, wild and wacky week back at work immediately upon return).

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