See the Northern Lights in Canada With a Cregor Adventures Guided Tour
Stark and ethereal, the northern lights have been inspiring poetry, music and philosophers for years. There’s no better place to see them for yourself than in Churchill, Manitoba, on the banks of Canada’s Hudson Bay. A northern lights escorted tour from Cregor Adventures takes you closer than you’ve ever been before to this almost mystical phenomenon.

See Canada’s Arctic up Close
Home to the highest concentration of aurora borealis activity in the world, Churchill is far and away the best place for a Northern Lights guided tour in Canada. Boasting a number of daytime attractions as well, your trip to Churchill may also include such highlights as dog sledding, wildlife watching or exploring the unique history of the area’s Inuit and Dene peoples at the Eskimo Museum. Originally settled as a fur trading outpost in the early 18th century, Churchill is a town ripe for exploring in its own right.

Visions in the Winter Sky
There are no words to describe the otherworldly beauty of seeing the Northern Lights in person. From a comfortable heated dome in the open tundra, you’ll watch as a low white hum in the sky crescendos into a dancing palette of colors above you — greens, reds and blues that shift and evolve, playing out an ancient story of creation before your very eyes.

An escorted Northern Lights tour from Cregor Adventures is your chance to see all this and more. Trips leave throughout February and early March and are limited to 14 travelers at a time. Call today for pricing information.


Sample Itinerary

Day One: Arrival in Winnipeg
Your journey to the home of the northern lights begins in Winnipeg, where you’ll spend your first night at the historic Fort Garry Hotel. For over 100 years, the Fort Garry has been a Winnipeg icon, offering a French Chateau-style experience to travelers from all over the world. Join us there for the official tour welcome dinner, where you’ll meet your fellow travelers and spend the night in first-class luxury before beginning the trip north.

Day Two: Visit the Manitoba Museum
To prepare for our trip, we’ll take a morning tour of the Manitoba Museum, where we’ll learn about the cultural and physical history of the province, with a special emphasis on the northern regions we’ll depart for later in the day. Included in the tour is a special northern lights planetarium presentation that explains how the interaction of solar winds and the Earth’s magnetic field set the stage for a mystical display that has enthralled and inspired humans for generations.

After lunch, we’ll board our luxurious railcar for the overnight trip to Churchill. (See below for more information about rail schedules.)

Day Three: Ride the Train to Churchill
From your comfortable sleeper cab with a private bathroom, you’ll experience a breathtaking change in scenery as the landscape moves from prairie to boreal forest to tundra. Your accommodations in the Tundra Train will be relaxing and comfortable – many of our previous guests have found the train ride to be one of the most memorable parts of their trip. As the night moves in and we venture further north, those who choose to stay up may be lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the sights to come just by looking out their window.

Days Four, Five and Six: Viewing the Lights and Exploring Churchill
Upon arriving in Churchill, you’ll have time to decompress in your hotel before taking a short tour of the town. With a population of just 800, Churchill’s roots stretch back to 1717, when the colony was first established as a fur-trading outpost of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Prior to that, the area was inhabited by Inuit and Dene peoples, whose history you can learn about in the local Eskimo Museum and Parks Canada visitor center.

Of course, the main attraction of Churchill in winter is the stunning northern lights, and as night falls you’ll have ample opportunity for viewing them. Our experienced guides lead nightly trips outside of town to the best viewing areas, where you’ll watch the colors dance across the Arctic sky from the comfort of a heated, Plexiglas-covered Aurora Dome. Our guides have an average of 15 years’ trekking experience and can share their knowledge of the complex interplay of science and myth that has made the lights such a phenomenon.

When you’re not out chasing the lights, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the unforgettable nature and culture of Canada’s north. Go snowshoeing, take a dogsled ride, shop for souvenirs or simply enjoy the stark beauty of the tundra. Amateur and professional photographers will find no shortage of breathtaking nature shots as they explore the town’s outer reaches.

Day Seven: Flight to Winnipeg and Farewell Dinner
On your final morning in Churchill, you’ll have one last chance to tour the town and purchase any last minute gifts for friends and family back home – for hundreds of years, area natives have produced handicrafts such as caribou hair sculptures, soapstone carvings and warm wooly mukluks. We will then catch an afternoon flight back to Winnipeg, where we’ll again spend the night at the Fort Garry Hotel. As on your first night in Winnipeg, you’ll be invited to join your fellow travelers for one last communal meal in the hotel’s award-winning dining area.

Day Eight: Fly Home
Your northern journey comes to an end on day eight, when, after a hearty breakfast, you’ll be transported to the Winnipeg International Airport in time for your flight home.

Not all of our northern lights tours include the rail journey from Winnipeg to Churchill. For the 2014 season, tours leaving February 15, February 18, and March 5 fly into Churchill on day two, and consequently the total itinerary spans only six days. These three trips also omit the planetarium program though, if flight schedules permit it, travelers may have the option of touring the Manitoba Museum after returning from Churchill.  All activities in Churchill itself remain the same, and you will still have a full three days to explore the town and see the lights.

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Dates Prices
January 31 – February 07
February 10 – February 15 (No train)
February 16 – February 23
February 23 – March 02
February 28 – March 07
March 09 – March 16
March 16 – March 23
March 21 – March28
Full Moon: Feb 03 & Mar 05, 2015 
$4,795 – $4,995 (US) Price per person, based on double occupancy.

Single Supplement:  $565

Deposit:  $500 per person






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Your northern lights vacation with Cregor Adventures will take you from the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Winnipeg to the far reaches of northern Manitoba. Every step of the way, we’ll ensure your stay is comfortable with the highest-caliber of accommodations available.

In Winnipeg, you’ll stay in the historic Fort Garry Hotel. Located just a block away from Union Station, the Fort Garry offers easy access to all the amenities of downtown Winnipeg. The hotel itself is a historic landmark, built in 1913 at the height of western Canada’s boom times when the city first emerged as a financial and transportation hub. While staying at the Fort Garry – which you’ll do on both the first and last nights of your trip – be sure to enjoy the hotel’s antique bar, relaxing lounge and Turkish-style spa.

Tundra Train
Guests who opt to travel from Winnipeg to Churchill by rail will get the truly unique experience of spending the night in a comfortable sleeper car. Every cabin is equipped with broad windows for looking out onto the changing landscape as well as a private bathroom. Shower facilities are available in the hall, and a well-equipped dining car serves hot meals throughout the trip.

Your accommodations in Churchill will be clean, comfortable and centrally-located. Guests are guaranteed a private room with their own bathroom and shower facilities. We will endeavor to accommodate any special lodging requests you have; although, because Churchill is a small town with few hotels, options may be limited – we cannot guarantee room size, amenities or other services.

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We’d be happy to arrange additional nights in Winnipeg.

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Postcards from Past Adventurers

Hi Peggy,

We had a brilliant time. It was cold -36 and with windchill it was down to -56!!! We saw the waterfall at Thompson which was spectacular with all the snow and ice and an Otter on the far bank.

The dog sledding was cold but great and we built an igloo and did curling which was fun.

The lights were amazing. You do not get the same view from a photo as they are all over your head and move and ripple. We saw them 2 nights from the domes and a bit from the train.

Melissa Scott our group leader was so knowledgeable and such fun to be with. I don’t know how she keeps track of everyone and everything. She was exceptional and never tired of telling you things.

With all the clothes we had we were never cold just couldn’t move!

We would happily go again.


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