Cruises and Tours to the Galapagos Islands

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin to a place unlike any in the world. Filled with birds and marine life that can’t be seen anywhere else, a custom Galapagos trip from Cregor Adventures is a nature-lover’s dream.

Visit an Untamed Island Paradise

You’ve been snorkeling and sunning before, but never like this! You’ll share pristine beaches with penguins and sea lions. Take a snorkeling tour to the home of the sea turtle, reef shark and manta ray.  Choose the activities you want to do and the number of days you want to stay, and let Cregor Adventures do the rest!

Galapagos & Ecuador Highlights Adventures:

Galapagos Adventures by Land and Sea

Cregor Adventures offers several different Galapagos trip options. Enjoy a cruise that takes you though the area’s highlights while you relax on a luxury or first-class yacht, or stay at an exclusive resort and take day trips from island to island. We even offer private villa rentals for the ultimate experience.

All trips are fully escorted by guides who have been trained and certified by the Galapagos National Park Service and the Charles Darwin Research Station. Many are professional biologists who know the area and can provide knowledgeable insights about the islands’ flora and fauna.

Don’t Miss Everything Ecuador Has to Offer

You’d be seriously missing out if you took a custom guided Galapagos tour and didn’t take the time to explore the mainland, too. From the colonial city of Quito, Ecuador, you can embark on side trips to Andean markets, indigenous cultural sites, even Amazon rainforest tours! We offer full land service to all our travelers and can arrange a trip to these and other local attractions for you.

Sustainable Tourism Made Easy

These days, the Galapagos Islands aren’t too far removed from the way they were in Darwin’s time. But that’s only through the efforts of environmental organizations and local operators who’ve kept major development at bay and limited tour sizes to the islands’ fragile areas. Cregor Adventures makes every effort to contribute to these initiatives by working only with the Islands’ most scrupulous guides and operators. We are proud members of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association, an organization dedicated to letting visitors share in the islands’ wonders responsibly.

Custom Galapagos Holidays for International Travelers

Contact Cregor Adventures today for more information about our custom Galapagos holidays! We specialize in offering our clients comprehensive, comfortable experiences that cater to their needs and desires.

Sustainability Made Simple

Sustainability is a major concern of most of our guests, but unless you know the area well and have experience working with local guides, it’s hard to know if you’re traveling responsibly. Our Galapagos trips have been designed with a deep respect for the people and wildlife of the area.