The Eric, Flamingo II and Letty welcome families with children ages twelve and up on all expeditions throughout the year. Families with children ages seven and up can travel on any of our designated Family Departures.

Family Departures, including Family Teen departures and Family Graduation departures are geared towards families who prefer to travel with other families with similar aged children. Designated family departures are offered over school breaks and feature age-appropriate activities depending upon the ages and number of children on board. Our naturalists know how to bring these Islands they love to life and to balance learning with fun for the entire family.

Family departures are ideal for families traveling with children ages 7 to 12. Kids can visit the bridge and learn about navigational charts and tie nautical knots with our Captain. Special parties include games with prizes, drawing contests, ice cream social sundaes and our King Neptune costume party and talent show. We also have board games, books and DVDs on board that are suitable for children.
There are masks, fins, wet suits and life vests in child sizes available.

A separate briefing geared toward the younger ones, and kid-friendly menus are offered on family departures (in addition to the regular menu for adults).

Sample Breakfast: hot chocolate, milk, apple juice, fruit loops, lucky charms, pancakes, fresh fruit, bagels with crème chese, muffins.

Sample Lunch: hot dogs, hamburgers, turkey or tuna sandwich, plain pastas, mac and cheese.

Sample Dinner: spaghetti with marinara sauce, chicken fingers, steaks, French fries or baked potato, vegetables. Dessert includes Ice cream, Jello, cakes. Snacks: pizzas, pop corn, pretzels, chips.

Family TEEN departures are ideal for families traveling with children ages 13 to 17 – and up. Most of our family departures are families with teenage children (age 13 to 17) and even college age (18 to early twenties). These trips will be more physically active than our all-adult or family departures with younger children. Our guides will optimize the longest trails and all kayaking and snorkeling opportunities.

You will be in the company of other high school and college students and their families. We will offer special parties including movies and popcorn and our King Neptune costume party. We also have board games, books and DVDs that teens enjoy.

Please inquire at the time of booking which weeks have TEENS on board, as family departures dates are subject to change. Occasionally, a family departure could be a group of mixed ages 7-17 or mixed adults and children.
We will be offering an optional activity on select March to July departures for students ideally ages 15-18.
While in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, (Thursday), there are two options: Visit the Darwin station and assist Ecology Project International (EPI) students with collecting research on the tortoise breeding center or visit the Highlands and assist EPI students with eradication of invasive species such as the blackberry (mora).
In the afternoon, there is a cultural exchange where EPI students will give a tour of their town to the students on board, followed by ice cream.

Experience moment after moment of wonder in a land where time stands still. Our comprehensive 7-night cruises explore the entire archipelago. And thanks to an outstanding guide-to-guest ratio, you’ll venture ashore in small groups of no more than ten fellow explorers, experiencing this magical realm in the most authentic and educational way possible.

We offer all kinds of active exploration. Go on a nature walk and marvel at pre-historic land iguanas and lava lizards. Slip into a sea kayak and discover hidden tide pools, mangrove forests, beaches of red, green and black sand and the hardened lava fields smeared into the edges of the shores. Swim back and forth across the equator with sea lions that perform an underwater ballet. Go birding to look for the Nazca booby. Or put on your own mask and enter the delicate balance of life underwater, watching schools of graceful spotted eagle rays gliding beneath you.

Exploring the undersea is a major part of the Galapagos experience where cold and warm waters intermingle and where fur sea lions, sea turtles, dolphins, whales and tame reef sharks thrive. We provide complimentary snorkeling equipment, wet suits and kayaks.

After dinner, attend a briefing by one of our naturalists. With so few guests, your guide can take the time to explore a topic that interests you personally.

Why choose the M.Y. Eric, Flamingo II or Letty?

Darwin’s Enchanted Isles is a once in a lifetime experience. You want to be sure you maximize your travel enjoyment both on board and on shore. With the Eric, Flamingo II or Letty, we are dedicated to preserving the ecological integrity of the Galapagos Islands for both its scientific value and economic benefit through our various initiatives toward sustainable tourism practices.

The Fleet

Three identical expedition yachts – Eric, Flamingo II & Letty offer a superior first-class level of comfort in ten double cabins and spacious public areas. Our crews strive for personalized service and home cooked, healthy meals, featuring local and organic ingredients with both international and Ecuadorian specialties from our well-trained chefs.


Every Sunday from San Cristobal Island offering two distinct 7-night itineraries: Itinerary A follows a Southern/Central route and visits San Cristobal, Espanola, Floreana, Isabela, Bartolome, Santa Cruz, South Plaza. Itinerary B follows a Northern/Western route and visits Genovesa (Tower), North Seymour, Bachas, Fernandina, Isabela, Santiago, Rabida, Santa Cruz and Santa Fe.

Group Size

Visit the Islands in a group size no larger than ten passengers per guide. We offer a small guide-to-passenger ratio to ensure an intimate visit on shore. Adventure gear is provided at no additional charge including kayaks, custom full wet suits, masks, fins and snorkels and beach towels. FAMILY DEPARTURES…Designated, exclusive departures are offered over school breaks and feature age-appropriate activities geared toward children. Family teen departures include a cultural exchange and volunteer project with local Galapagos students through Ecology Project International. (Ideal for ages 13 and up.) And finally, to address a growing trend, several departures are designated for families traveling with college-age children.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is available at certain ports-of-call for certified divers. (Certified divers can dive the northern Islands of Wolf and Darwin on the 16-passenger, dedicated live-aboard, the M/V Galapagos Sky.) Contact us for details.

Sustainable Tourism

Our yachts were the first to earn and maintain the Smartvoyager ecological certification. Each yacht also complies with the environmental regulations developed by Corporacion y Desarollo from Ecuador and The Rainforest Alliance, as well as SOLAS and ISM.

We’ve partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to establish the Galapagos Marine Biodiversity Fund supporting environmental education and marine conservation. Through these efforts, the Galapagos Marine Reserve benefits by strengthening the local community’s ability to manage natural resources. By installing 40 solar panels and two wind generators, the Eric became the the first “test pilot” and first Hybrid vessel in the Galapagos Islands. In an effort to give back to the town of San Cristobal, a pledge has been made to sponsor the salaries for teachers and physical therapists who work at a school for children with physical disabilities and adults who are hearing impaired. We have also teamed up with “Pack for a Purpose,” encouraging our guests to bring supplies from a list of needed items that benefit local children through the New Era Galapagos Foundation. Finally, the Ecology Project provides scholarships for local teenagers to take an applied course in wildlife ecology.


The Eric, Flamingo II and Letty are three identical expedition yachts custom-designed for Galapagos cruising. Built in 1991 and refurbished annually, these identical, superior first-class sister yachts accommodate no more than 20 guests and feature three decks of spacious staterooms with polished teak interiors trimmed brass fittings.
Accommodations include ten double outside-facing cabins with a window or porthole view, one double bed or two twin lower beds, fully air-conditioned with private bathroom (hot and cold water showers), bio-degradable soap/shampoo dispensers, hair dryer, closet, drawers, intercom and separate climate controls for your comfort. There’s a dining room featuring Ecuadorian and International cuisine, well-stocked bar and conference area with a flat screen TV, library and panoramic picture windows. Or you can relax in a lounge chair on the sun deck, enjoying sea breezes and a sky full of stars.

Cabin Categories


  • Cabins #1,3 & 4 have two twin lower beds or one double bed and picture windows.
  • Cabin # 2 has one double bed and picture window. (Cabins average 95 square feet/ 8.8 square meters)



  • Cabins # 5 & 6 cabins have one double bed and picture windows. (Cabins average 90 square reef/ 8.4 square meters)



  • Cabins #7 & 8 have two twin lower beds and port lights.
  • Cabins # 9 & 10 have two twin lower beds and one upper berth with port lights and can be sold as triples. (Cabins average 110 square feet/ 10.2 square meters)


8 Days/7 Nights with Española

Itinerary at a Glance
Sunday: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, SAN CRISTOBAL (Chatham) Cerro Tijeretas & Leon Dormido, SAN CRISTOBAL
Monday: Cerro Brujo (SN, PR, KY) SAN CRISTOBAL Punta Pitt, (SN, PR, KY) SAN CRISTOBAL
Tuesday: Punta Suarez, ESPANOLA (Hood) Gardner Bay (SN, PR, KY) ESPANOLA (Hood)
Wednesday: Punta Cormorant (PR), Devil’s Crown or Champion (SN), FLOREANA Post Office Bay (PR, SN), FLOREANA (Charles)
Thursday: Highlands of SANTA CRUZ (Indefatigable) CCFL (Darwin Station), SANTA CRUZ (Indefatigable)
Friday: Bartolome (PR, SN) Las Bachas (SN) or Black Turtle Cove (PR) or Sombrero Chino (PR, SN)
Saturday: South Plaza Island North Seymour (PR, SN)
Sunday: Interpretation Center, SAN CRISTOBAL (Chatham)

The order of visits may vary slightly. Two full week, 7-night itineraries are alternated as required by the Galapagos National Park in an effort to better reduce usage on heavily visited sites.


8 Days/7 Nights with Española

Itinerary at a Glance
Sunday: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, SAN CRISTOBAL (Chatham) CCJG (La Galapaguera Cerro Colorado), SAN CRISTOBAL

Monday: Darwin Bay (SN, PR, KY), GENOVESA (Tower) Prince Philip’s Steps (SN, PR, KY) GENOVESA

Tuesday: Las Bachas (SN) or Black Turtle Cove (PR) Cerro Dragon (SN) SANTA CRUZ

Wednesday: Punta Espinosa (SN), FERNANDINA (Narborough) Urbina Bay, ISABELA (SN) (Albemarle) or Punta Vicente Roca

Thursday: Elizabeth Bay, ISABELA (PR) Tagus Cove, ISABELA (SN, PR, KY)

Friday: Puerto Egas, SANTIAGO (SN) (James) Rabida Island (SN, PR, KY) (Jervis)

Saturday: Highlands of SANTA CRUZ (Indefatigable) CCFL (Darwin Station) SANTA CRUZ

Sunday: Interpretation Center, SAN CRISTOBAL


2015 Dates Prices
Feb 08-15
Feb 15-22
Feb 22-01 Mar
Mar 08-15 (Family)
Mar 22-29 (Family)
Apr 12-19 (Family)
Apr 19-26
Jun 07-14
Jun 14-21
Jul 05-12 (Family Teen)
Aug 9-16 (Family Teen)
Aug 23-30 (Family Teen)
Aug 30-06 Sep
Sep 06-13
Sep 13-20
Sep 20-27
Sep 27-04 Oct
Oct 04-11
Oct 11-18
Oct 18-25
Oct 25-01 Nov
Nov 01-08
Nov 08-15
Nov 15-22
Nov 22-29
Nov 29-Dec 06
Dec 06-13
Dec 13-20
Iguana Deck: Double $4,100
Booby Deck: $4,550
Dolphin Deck: $4,900


2015 Dates Prices
Jan 03-10 (Family)
Jan 10-17
Jan 17-24
Jan 24-31
Jan 31-07 Feb
Feb 07-14
Feb 14-21 (Family)
Feb 21-28
Feb 28-06 Mar
Mar 06-13 (Family)
Mar 13-20 (Family)
Mar 20-27 (Family)
Mar 27-03 Apr (Family)
Apr 03-10 (Family)
Apr 10-17 (Family)
Apr 17-24
Apr 24-01 May
May 01-08
May 08-15
May 22-29
May 29-05 Jun
Jun 05-12
Jun 12-19 (Family)
Jun 19-26 (Family)
Jun 26-03 Jul (Family – EPI)
Jul 03-10 (Family)
Jul 10-17 (Family – EPI)
Jul 17-24 (Family)
Jul 24-31 (Family – EPI)
Jul 31-07 Aug (Family)
Aug 07-14 (Family – EPI)
Aug 14-21 (Family)
Aug 21-28
Aug 28-04 Sep
Sep 04-11
Sep 11-18
Sep 18-25
Sep 25-02 Oct
Oct 02-09
Oct 09-16
Oct 16-23
Oct 23-30
Oct 30-06 Nov
Nov 06-13
Nov 13-20
Nov 20-27 (Family)
Nov 27-04 Dec
Dec 04-11
Dec 11-18
Dec 18-25 (Family)
Iguana Deck: Double $4,300
Booby Deck: $4,775
Dolphin Deck: $5,150

Single and Triple cabin options may be available on the Iguana deck.

Prices are in US dollars, based on double occupancy.  Book two consecutive weeks back to back, and take a 5% discount on both weeks, applicable on any week (excluding holiday weeks).


Above prices include:

  • All shore excursions with English speaking guides
  • All meals, soft drinks and juices while onboard
  • Complimentary use of snorkeling equipment, wetsuits and kayaks

Above price does not include:

  • Air to/from Galapagos
  • Galapagos National Park Fee ($120; $50 children under 12)
  • Tourist Transit Card ($10)
  • Gratuities to Guide and Crew
  • Alcoholic Beverages


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