The Best of Patagonia gives you the opportunity to visit the most amazing and fascinating destinations in the region. From Buenos Aires to the southern-most tip of Patagonia, your spectacular journey combines the beauty of the lakes, glaciers, mountains and age-old forests along with the warmth of its people.  A variety of circuits, in which the quality and care featured in each makes it a unique program designed just for you.

Buenos Aires
In this cosmopolitan city, you will experience the glamour and elegance of its European roots all interwoven with its undeniable Latin America essence.  As a center of cultural activity, Buenos Aires offers you innumerable entertainment opportunities such as visiting museums and historical sites, enjoying the best restaurants and traditional coffee houses, delightful shopping at the most important boutiques, antique shops and galleries and perhaps what it is best known for – the tango show!

From here you gain access to Patagonia, a mythical land of extraordinary beauty, legends and incomparable scenery.

Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego
In the southern most region of the world, where the sea and the mountains meet and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans merge.  In this wild and magic area, with glaciers, perennial snow, sea lions, penguins and lush vegetation, you will journey through legendary sea routes that bring to mind the history of sailors and natives in one of the most unexplored areas of the planet, a region unimaginably beautiful and indomitable, unspoiled and imposing.

Cregor Adventures gives you the opportunity to visit the most amazing and fascinating destinations in the region. From Buenos Aires to the southern-most tip of Patagonia, a spectacular journey combines the beauty of the lakes, glaciers, mountains and age-old woods with the warmth of its people makes this a unique program.

El Calafate
In the southwestern tip of Patagonia rises a frigid plateau, 1500 meters above sea level, with immense ice rivers and glaciers. Los Glaciers National Park was declared a Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1981.  Here we find Puerto Moreno Glacier, known worldwide for its features.  Its accessibility gives you the opportunity to explore continental ice by viewing platform, by small boat or by strapping on crampons and venturing out on the immense glacier for a surrealistic walk.

El Chalten
El Chalten is a small mountain village in Patagonia, near the Continental Ice fields. It is known as a trekking capital. Rising sharply above the town are Fitz Roy’s two magnificent peaks, towering at 3,405m, with Cerro Torre behind them, at 3,128m. During the summer months (December to March) trekkers make their way to explore the many lagoons, lakes, glaciers and mountains. The Patagonia steppe is inhabited by herds of guanacos, foxes, partridges, pumas, deer, guanacos and rheas which freely run across the steppes.

The ideal place to “get away from it all” lies in an archipelago of mountainous islands in the southernmost corner of the Americas. Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world, in Tierra del Fuego, has a dreamlike scenery to show its visitors, where life takes on another meaning.  Here the adventurer’s imagination can today still be tempted to navigate the Beagle Channel, reach the Lighthouse at the End of the World, tour the southernmost National Park or sail from its bay to the immense and mysterious Antarctic.  In Ushuaia the options are endless. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, cycling, fly-fishing, rural tourism, ecotourism, beaver, bird and condor watching.

Cape Horn
This is the southernmost tip of the continent, the last breath of the Andes range, where great historical figures found glory and recognition.  Naturalists like Darwin, seamen, and discoverers like Magellan, Drake and Vespucio were captivated by the majesty of the landscape that awakens every day amid the southern silence.  Among glaciers, perennial snows, seals, penguins and forests of unparalleled beauty, along legendary waterways, you will discover one of the few unexplored places on the planet, an area as beautiful and pristine as it is indomitable and impressive. Through the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel, between Ushuaia and Punta Arenas, the south of the world, you will relive thrilling adventures as you reach mythic and legendary Cape Horn, last rocky promontory before sailing toward the Antarctic.

Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine National Park – located 400 kms north of the Chilean city of Punta Arenas was declared a biosphere Reserve by UNESCO 1978.  Situated around the impressive Cordillera del Paine, this rocky mass encompasses 242,000 hectares.  This is one of the most stunning parks worldwide because of its curious and unique ensemble of mountains, glaciers and lakes as well as flora and fauna.

This National Park has a micro-climate which is mainly the result of its proximity to the sea, offering an always comfortable temperature and plenty of sunny days all-year-round.  The park can ideally be visited in all four seasons.  The landscape will always be extraordinary and miraculous: glaciers and lakes with their emerald waters, unusual mountain peaks, waterfalls and valleys full of light which are all waiting for you.

Peninsula Valdes
To the East, on the Atlantic coast, lies Peninsula Valdes, a place brimming with whales, penguins, sea lions and elephant seals.

Bariloche (The Lake District)
Located in the province of Rio Negro, Bariloche offers  rugged beauty in an alpine environment.  It is considered the heart of Andean Patagonia.  The Lake District (and Its national parks, mountains and woods) is the perfect setting for a wide variety of outdoor activities and sports. Mountains and lakes provide a playground second to none: riding, trekking & mountaineering, sailing and boating, windsurfing, white water rafting and wildlife viewing. In the towns of San Martin de Los Andes, Bariloche and Esquel you’ll find a  wide range of restaurants, shopping centers and night clubs, coupling city life with a unique natural environment.


Sample Itinerary

Arrive Buenos Aires. You’ll be greeted at the airport by our English-speaking guide who will transfer you to your hotel. The rest of the day is on your own to relax or explore the surrounding Recoleta neighborhood.


  • ½ Day Tour

Start driving through the narrows streets of the old city and the broad avenues that mark Buenos Aires modern growth. On South America’s broadest avenue, 9 de Julio Avenue, we see Colon Theater and the “Obelisco”.

Around the “Plaza de Mayo” (May Square), we will see the “Casa Rosada” (Pink House, which houses the infamous balcony used by Evita Peron used to address her people.), the Cathedral (with the mausoleum of General San Martín, Argentina´s independence hero), and the “Cabildo” (Town Hall). We continue our way through May Avenue, that joins the “Plaza de Mayo” with the Congress, with its Art Nouveau buildings, old hotels, theaters and cafes.

We continue our journey towards San Telmo, a neighborhood of bohemians, artists, antiques shops and cobbled streets. We will pass around Dorrego Square, where each Sunday thousands of tourists and “porteños” (Buenos Aires inhabitants)  visit the antique fair that is held there.

Our tour goes on to the neighborhood of La Boca, with its colorful tenements, where a lot of artists open their studios and workshops. We will walk along the mythical street of Caminito”.

We continue our visit in Puerto Madero (formerly: “The Docks” port area). In constant development, this gentrified neighborhood was totally redesigned in the nineties.

We head towards the north where we will stop at San Martín Square, surrounded by elegant buildings with French architecture, and one of the most aristocratic areas of Buenos Aires.

We continue our tour in the traditional neighborhood of Palermo, strolling along its large parks, rose gardens and lakes, the porteños favorite place to practice sports or give long walks.
We end our tour in the Recoleta district, one of the most fashionable parts of the city, which includes South America’s most opulent and extraordinary cemetery, the resting place of Eva Peron.

Day on own to explore Buenos Aires. Tonight you’ll enjoy dinner and Tango show at Esquina Carlos Gardel

  • Pick up: 20:15 hs / return 23:30 hs
  • Show duration: 1h 20 min

This is one of the most popular tango show palaces, built over the location of “Chanta Cuatro” — a restaurant where Carlos Gardel used to dine with his friends. The luxurious old-time-style dining room here features high-tech acoustics and superb dancers, creating a wonderful tango environment.

Today you will fly to El Calafate, Patagonia’s southern region. You’ll be transferred to your hotel. The rest of the day is on your to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy walking
  • Driving time: 1 hour (one way)

Depart from the hotel towards Los Glaciares National Park and Ventisquero Perito Moreno.

You’ll enjoy several hours in the area. Upon arrival, walk the 3.5 km “pasarelas” to the vantage point in front of the glacier (up and down a wooden loop-trail). You may also choose to tour the area by boat, sailing along the glacier’s edge.

The Perito Moreno glacier was declared a “Mankind Heritage Site” by the UNESCO. During the short walks, or boat ride, you may witness calving ice along with the tremendous thunder as it cracks and breaks.  Periodically the glacier advances over the L-shaped Argentino Lake forming a natural dam which separates the two halves of the lake when it reaches the opposite shore. With no escape route, the water-level on the “Brazo Rico” side of the lake can rise  up to 30 meters above the level of the main lake. The enormous pressure produced by the height of the dammed water finally breaks the ice barrier holding it back, in a spectacular rupture event. This dam/rupture cycle is not regular and it recurs naturally at any frequency between once a year to less than once a decade.

Transfer from El Calafate to El Chalten.

  • Driving time:  3.5 hours drive / 220 km

The first part of the trip is quite remote, allowing you to experience real wilderness. Stop at “La Leona” by the Santa Cruz river. This is an old traditional way point for early sheep wool traders. Back on the road, you will start seeing the Fitz Roy and the Viedma Glacier in a distance, making the sightseeing much more thrilling.

El Chalten is a small mountain village in Patagonia, near the Continental Ice fields. It is known as a trekking capital. Rising sharply above the flat town are Fitz Roy’s two magnificent peaks, towering at 3,405m, with Cerro Torre behind them, at 3,128m. During the summer months (December to March) trekkers make their way to explore the many lagoons, lakes, glaciers and mountains within. The Patagonia steppe is inhabited by herds of guanacos, foxes, partridges, pumas, deer, guanacos and rheas which freely run across the steppes.

Day 7: EL CHALTEN Laguna de los Tres
Rio Blanco (Fitz Roy) Base Camp day hike
(Los Glaciares National Park).

  • Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult
  • Duration: 7 to 9 hours (11 miles)
  • Elevation gained: 568 m – 1180 m

Today will be a full day trekking to Rio Blanco base camp and Laguna de los Tres vantage point for an absolutely stunning view, weather permitting, of the complete Fitz Roy massif. The jagged group is formed by Mt. Guillaumet (2579 m), St. Exupery (2558 m), Mermoz (2732 m), Juarez among others. Directly across a small glacial lake rises Mt. Fitz Roy (3375 m), almost two miles of vertical wall in a single bound.  For those with spare energy a further walk leads to Piedras Blancas glacier (568 m).  The majority of today’s hike is of moderate difficulty through native lenga tree forests.  The last hour to the viewing point is (1180 m), steep and somewhat difficult. However (weather permitting), the view is spectacular and is often considered one of the highlights of your Patagonia trip.

Transfer from El Chalten to El Calafate.

Viedma Ice Trek

  • Duration: 6.30 hours.

The excursion includes certified mountain guides who lead the groups,crampons (for those who walk on the ice), and on-board snack.

9:00 AM Departure from Bahía Túnel towards Viedma Glacier. The small and sheltered harbor of Bahia Tunel is only 17 km away from El Chalten and very close to the mouth of the Tunel River. The boat sails very close to the shore enjoying excellent views of Mt Fitz Roy and Cerro Huemul.
There is a point called Cape Horn (like the famous Cape. ) Here the boat turns giving visitors fantastic views of Viedma Glacier.

9.50 AM Sightseeing in front of the Glacier’s.
By getting close to the ice it is possible to see huge icebergs that have calved from the Glacier, and numerous shades of blue ice.

10.15AM Once on terra firma, the guides will organize the groups according to their chosen option.

10.30 AM Hike to the Crampon station: The approach is of  great geological interest because it shows all the exposed rocks that were covered by ice until very recently as the ice melted. Once near the edge of the Glacier, crampons will be fitted to everyone’s feet.

11.00 AM Trek on the glacier: Mountain guides lead the group for about two hours on the ice. During this unique experience, the guides will explain and show many glacier features, like crevasses and moulins.

1:30 PM Return to the boat.

2:45 PM Arrival at Bahia Tunel

Continue towards El Calafate

Transfer to Cerro Castillo where the Patagonia Camp staff will welcome you.

Drive through rolling grasslands and classical Patagonian steppe landscape to Chile.  Torres del Paine is a 600,000 acre park declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978.  The Paine massif will be in view as we approach the park.

The Paine Massif is a truly spectacular group of pinkish granite mountains, capped with sedimentary rock. It is surrounded by a necklace of multicolored glacial lakes and deciduous southern beech forests.  Paine possesses some of the most incredible mountain scenery to be seen anywhere. We will come across herds of guanacos (wild llamas) that allow us to get within a thrilling 15 yards.  Among other species we find lesser rheas (American ostrich), red & gray foxes, and possibly mountain lions.  The birdlife includes condors, crested caracaras, buff-necked ibis, Austral parakeet, Austral thrush, varieties of falcons, black-necked and coscoroba swans, flamingos and more.

You will be able to choose half day or full day hikes, depending upon weather conditions

  • Full day excursions: Base Torre, Laguna Verde; La Peninsula
  • Half day Excursions: Mirador Condor, Lago Sarmiento; Playa Grey; Mirador Cuernos; Mirador el Estribo; Cerro Tenerife; Laguna Azul.

After breakfast, transfer to Punta Arenas. You will board your flight towards Santiago de Chile. Upon arrival, meet your guide at the airport and transfer to your hotel.

Surrounded by natural beauty Santiago is the Chile’s largest city and capital.  It provides easy access to both snow-capped mountains and sandy beaches.

Optional Half day city tour

  • Duration: 3h30 min / 4 hours

The tour begins at the Club Hípico, a beautiful horse-racing track. Proceed to the Cousiño Palace, and other historical buildings.  We reach the main Avenue called Alameda in the heart of Santiago: in sight of the “La Moneda” government palace, we cross the banking and business center to visit the Pre-Columbian Art Museum, one of the most complete collections of ceramics, ancient textiles and relics of the American culture.

Then proceed to the Main Square (Plaza de Armas).  The Cathedral, Post Office, Town Hall and National Museum are the main features. Continue toward the main Avenue again to admire the San Francisco Church, the National Library and the Santa Lucía Hill, where Santiago was founded in 1541. The tour will continue toward  the modern residential districts of Vitacura, Las Condes, Santa María de Manquehue and Providencia through a shopping area with a large variety of restaurants, coffee shops and fancy boutiques.

Transfer to Santiago de Chile airport. Here you end your stay in Patagonia. On to the Atacama Desert! Flight to Calama. In the North of Chile, you’ll discover the Atacama Desert, the driest, most desolate place on earth. The immensity of the Andean Altiplano will surprise you with its dramatic, exotic, awe-inspiring beauty. Geological formations give birth to mountain ranges, volcanoes, salt flats and lagoons, bodies of water that emerge in the middle of the desert, thermal pools, geysers and marshes. An intense blue sky invites you to discover a land crowned by mountains and volcanoes almost 6,000 meters (20,000 feet) high. Llamas, guanacos and vicuñas graze the plains, while flamingoes and a surprising variety of birds inhabit the lakes and salt flat areas. Foxes, viscachas, rheas and lizards blend into the brightly-colored surroundings. Upon arrival, you will be picked up by the Awasi staff, and taken to the lodge.

Awasi is the only hotel in South America that offers an experience 100% tailored  to your desires. Whether you want to embark on adventure, discover the charm of local culture or simply enjoy a romantic escape, Awasi will assign you a personal concierge/guide (along with a 4X4), who will take charge of your stay and design a trip customized to your interests, preferences and pace. Your guide will suggest a number of excursions so you can enjoy the magic of the Atacama geography, the silence of its landscape and the warmth of its people.

Today you’ll say goodbye to Atacama and the friends you made. Although you’ll leave Patagonia behind, you’ll take with you memories that will last a lifetime!

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This is a custom tour. You can depart, at your leisure, anytime. The general season is October through March.

Prices will be based on you particular itinerary. Call us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


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There are a number of accommodations throughout the region. We have selected to highlight some of our favorites…

Buenos Aires
Alvear Palace
– The Alvear is located in the heart of La Recoleta, the most exclusive neighborhood in the city. It’s a wonderful area to explore, shop and dine.

The Alvear can best be described as European elegance combined with modern technology. The 191 rooms and suites are decorated in the Empire and Louis XVI style.

Guests enjoy delicious patisserie and meals from renowned chefs during breakfast and lunch. Our personal favorite, is the Jardin d’Hiver – the perfect place to enjoy high tea and the Alvear’s famous patisserie. Alvear’s La Bourgone restaurant is considered the best French cuisine in Buenos Aires.

Combine wonderful gastronomy, elegant style and great location, this truly is the Best of Patagonia!

Estancia Peuma Hue –
Peuma-Hue or “Place of Dreams” in native Mapuche language, is located in North Patagonia, in the Nahuel Huapi Naional Park. Peuma-Hue is at the foot of South Cathedral Mountain, with 2 miles of lakeshore, pristine forests, waterfalls, all within the property. Here you will enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, hiking and climbing, bird watching, paddling in “duckies” (inflatable kayaks) or sail.

Peuma-Hue combines the striking beauty of the National Park, close contact with nature, superior accommodations, exquisite home-made organic dining and a variety of outdoor activities to make an unforgettable Patagonia experience.

El Calafate
Eolo –
Eolo is a unique place that embodies Patagonia’s spirit, its indigenous roots and the personal experiences of the European pioneers and Criollo settlers.

Those who visit Eolo will enjoy unique experiences, taking unforgettable images back with them.

The lodge is located on the way to Perito Moreno Glacier, within an estancia of 4,000 hectares, on the astounding Argentine Patagonian steppe.

The immensity, the amazing views, peace and tranquility of its surroundings, warmth and dedication of the whole staff combine to make Eolo the most exclusive lodge in the area.

The heated pool and dry saunas are a must after a day on outdoor activities, and so is the massage room.

Torres del Paine
Patagonia Camp
Patagonia Camp has been designed and built to have minimum impact on the environment and to be visually and structurally harmonious with the landscape of the area. The entire complex is built on wooden stilts and platforms, including the yurts, communal areas, and walkways that connect the complex, so that we protect the plants, bushes and trees that have grown in the area for hundreds of years, and the dozens of species of birds who watch with curiosity the arrival of guests. Patagonia Camp is the first luxury tented camp created in Chile and invites its guests to experience Chilean hospitality in the midst of extraordinary nature and innovative design. Connecting wooden decking and boardwalks joins the complex of seventeen yurts and common structures. Each of the cozy yurts has its own heating system, private bathroom and deck, and is appointed with locally handcrafted furniture. All yurts feature inviting views from large picture windows. The restaurant, lounge and bar are all fashioned in a modern Patagonian style offering open indoor spaces and a similar handcrafted look that marries natural woods and glass to achieve equally open and stunning views of the surrounding park.

The Singular
Few hotels in southern Patagonia can deliver luxury services and impart a rich sense of Chile’s history quite like the Singular. In a converted factory on a remote coastal stretch of Puerto Bories, the 57-room hotel is receiving international accolades not only for its attentive luxury services but also for meticulously preserving and incorporating the old factory’s massive Victorian machinery into the modern fabric of the building. The old refrigeration buildings are now partitioned into lofty rooms and suites with incredible views of the pristine waters and green fjords that face the hotel. This is modern architecture at its very best.

You may want to take full advantage of the Singular’s options for relaxation, which include a world-class spa offering features like a couples private massage room and Jacuzzi with a spectacular view of the mountains surrounding the fjord.

The Singular’s talented chefs will seek to spoil you with exquisite dishes, featuring authentic Patagonian ingredients including scallops, Magellan lamb, king crab and guanaco. As you settle in, your first night in Patagonia is one you are sure to remember with great fondness.

There is something truly delicious about curling up on a comfortable sofa with a lap blanket, a book and a glass of wine and then forgetting about the book and just staring out the window at one of the Earth’s most sublime places.
What better place to spend your last evening in Patagonia!

Atacama Desert
Awasi –
The hotel has been designed with only eight rooms, each built of stone, adobe and wood, with thatched roofs. Each room is approximately 646 sq ft, with large bathrooms opening out onto private open-air patios with solarium and showers. Each room is uniquely designed for relaxation, privacy and a well-deserved rest. A trip especially designed for you… Awasi is the only hotel in South America that offers an experience 100% tailored  to your desires. Whether you want to embark on adventure, discover the charm of local culture or simply enjoy a romantic escape, Awasi will assign you a personal concierge/guide (along with a 4X4), who will take charge of your stay and design a trip customized to your interests, preferences and pace. Exquisite cuisine awaits you… The restaurant, for exclusive use by Awasi guests, offers a daily selection that features the local cuisine but adapted to your taste. The staff at Awasi is devoted every day to making your stay a unique experience. Between the grandeur of the desert and the welcoming spaces of this hotel, their service is distinguished by the care they give to each detail.

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Cruise Patagonia and Cape Horn
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