The earliest European navigation charts of the New World sometimes labeled Patagonia with the Latin legend, Regio Gigantum, “Region of the Giants”. One of the few survivors of the Magellan expedition reported that the region was inhabited by giants and that Ferdinand Magellan himself described the indigenous inhabitants as “Patagão” (or Patagón), hence bestowing the name “Patagonia” upon the region. Magellan’s chronicler wrote the Patagón were “so tall that we reached only to their waist.” With these words, a legend was born.

Today we know that Patagonia is indeed the realm of giants – awe inspiring Torres del Paine Massif, Mt. Fitz Roy, the South Chilean Ice Field and mammoth glaciers like Perito Moreno.  According to the lore of the Tehuelche Indians, who once inhabited Patagonia, the great horns or Cuernos del Paine were once warriors transformed into towering stone sentinels by the Great Spirit.

The sweeping expansiveness of this landscape, with such intensely saturated natural hues and jagged, yet organic shapes, gives us a sense that it may somehow have descended from another realm; as though its imposing natural beauty were a vision or porthole into another world.  Not only are the skies, lakes, rivers and fjords astounding shades of blue, but the glacially crushed rocks and sediments bestow each body of water with its very own version of blue as if blue alone could make up the rainbow.

A truly unique way to discover Patagonia…

When traveling with Cregor Adventures, guests experience the region a bit differently. We still provide access to the full circuit of amazing Patagonian sites in both Chile and Argentina, which include among them Torres del Paine National Park, Los Glaciares National Park and the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier. And newly minted pioneers will also enjoy amazing hikes, catamaran navigations to watch calving glaciers, horseback rides to the top of magnificent overlooks and even quiet moments at hidden lagoons.

The difference however, is that our “Patagonia at Your Pace” expedition offers both a fully escorted or independent, self-drive option.

Of course, if you prefer leaving the driving to someone else, Cregor Adventures offers a fully escorted option that includes a guide who can also serve as a driver.

The Cregor difference also comes when you experience the exquisite lodgings and incomparable locations where you will be staying each evening. Every detail has been carefully thought of so that you may thoroughly enjoy the magnificence of mystical Patagonia, combining comfort, convenience, and the warm hospitality that Chileans and Argentines are known for.

The theme throughout your stay is luxurious and innovative architectural design in harmony with nature, while offering exceptional service and comfort. This means you get to experience the windy wilds of a Patagonia sunset as you sample a fine Chilean Malbec or enjoy a special spa treatment. The difference continues through to details like the cuisine, eye popping Patagonian views and authentic experiences like sipping Mate at a working estancia with the local gauchos.

No need to worry about language barriers as English is spoken at all the places on the itinerary, as well as at the parks and border crossings.  If there is still concern, we suggest our guided expedition where you have the choice to take the wheel or not.

This is Patagonia at your pace and on your terms tailored to your style. The itinerary is well-planned, but only a suggestion. You can change things up as you go along and adjust your day to your wants and desires, according to what is available. Ultimately, we offer an experience of Patagonia providing flexibility and more freedom beginning with you or your driver taking the wheel to set out on the open roads.



This is a custom itinerary. Please contact us for pricing.


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The Singular
Few hotels in southern Patagonia can deliver luxury services and impart a rich sense of Chile’s history quite like the Singular. In a converted factory on a remote coastal stretch of Puerto Bories, the 57-room hotel is receiving international accolades not only for its attentive luxury services but also for meticulously preserving and incorporating the old factory’s massive Victorian machinery into the modern fabric of the building. The old refrigeration buildings are now partitioned into lofty rooms and suites with incredible views of the pristine waters and green fjords that face the hotel. This is modern architecture at its very best.

You may want to take full advantage of the Singular’s options for relaxation, which include a world-class spa offering features like a couples private massage room and Jacuzzi with a spectacular view of the mountains surrounding the fjord.

The Singular’s talented chefs will seek to spoil you with exquisite dishes, featuring authentic Patagonian ingredients including scallops, Magellan lamb, king crab and guanaco. As you settle in, your first night in Patagonia is one you are sure to remember with great fondness.

What is an Estancia…
The Argentine estancia is the US equivalent of the western ranch and is similarly located in grasslands, in this case the South American pampas. Historically estancias are dedicated to raising and herding livestock. In the early days of the colonial rule of South America the Spanish introduced cattle, which roamed freely and were culled as needed. By the 19th century this wild south style of ranching had given way to permanent settlements focused on raising cattle and sheep with the use of branding irons and other means to establish livestock ownership. The term estancia refers to the stationary or permanent character of these ranches. Similar to western ranching, the Spanish style equivalent produced its own mythological cowboy analog in the form of the gaucho, who also made his living in the saddle and still does.

Estancia Helsingfors
You will immediately feel welcome, not only by the staff, but by the authentic hominess of Helsingfors. The lodge is located on an idyllic piece of land by the lake that is protected by the surrounding woods. The design of Helsingfors is intended to blend with, and complement, the natural surroundings. Guests are invited to sit in the living area around the large fireplace at night, sharing stories of adventure as they enjoy a drink from the bar. A well-chosen wine cellar complements the sophisticated regional and international cuisine served at the lodge.

Helsingfors is not just any Estancia, it has a rich history tied to the region. During the early 20th century, a Finnish adventurer, Alfred Ranström, settled at the foot of the Andes Mountains, on the southwest shores of Lago Viedma. As a memory of his fatherland, he named his estancia after his country’s capital city: Helsingfors (Helsinki in Swedish). Here he lived with his wife, Marie Lisau and their children, lightening up this wonderful spot, never imagining that they would be the main characters in one of Patagonia’s most touching stories. During the 60’s, a traditional family from the province of Santa Cruz bought this beautiful piece of land, and since 1995 they have been receiving visitors from all over the world who wish to discover Patagonia through a unique and exclusive experience as offered at Helsingfors.

Eolo is set deep within the wide open spaces of the wild Patagonia south, a landscape reminiscent of the grassland prairies of Montana, framed by snowcapped peaks. It stretches over a 3,000 hectare property. From Eolo’s ample and comfortable facilities, which evoke ancient Patagonian “estancias”, one can observe Lago Argentino towards the north, La Anita Valley towards the east, and the Torres del Paine and the Rico branch of the same lake towards the south.”

Eolo is an adventure lodge cut in the cloth of the estancia tradition. This evening you can look out on the Big Sky country of the southern hemisphere, enjoy a swim in the indoor pool and watch as the last long light of the day gives way to a multitude of stars in the southern skies.

Patagonia Camp
Patagonia Camp has been designed and built to have minimum impact on the environment and to be visually and structurally harmonious with the landscape of the area. The entire complex is built on wooden stilts and platforms, including the yurts, communal areas, and walkways that connect the complex, so that we protect the plants, bushes and trees that have grown in the area for hundreds of years, and the dozens of species of birds who watch with curiosity the arrival of guests.

Patagonia Camp is the first luxury tented camp created in Chile and invites its guests to experience Chilean hospitality in the midst of extraordinary nature and innovative design. Connecting wooden decking and boardwalks joins the complex of seventeen yurts and common structures. Each of the cozy yurts has its own heating system, private bathroom and deck, and is appointed with locally handcrafted furniture. All yurts feature inviting views from large picture windows.

The restaurant, lounge and bar are all fashioned in a modern Patagonian style offering open indoor spaces and a similar handcrafted look that marries natural woods and glass to achieve equally open and stunning views of the surrounding park.

There is something truly delicious about curling up on a comfortable sofa with a lap blanket, a book and a glass of wine and then forgetting about the book and just staring out the window at one of the Earth’s most sublime places.
What better place to spend your last evening in Patagonia!

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Cruise Patagonia and Cape Horn

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is undoubtedly THE Latin American city that most closely resembles the cosmopolitan atmosphere of larger European capitals. A cosmopolitan city and birthplace of the tango where the glamour and elegance of its European roots are interwoven with its undeniable Latin American essence.

But Buenos Aires is much more – it is a city of contrasts that is reflected at every corner, creating a unique style.

Buenos Aires offers innumerable opportunities for entertainment – from visiting museums and historical sites (the pink palace and “Peronism”), to its architectural heritage (the multicolored tin houses of La Boca or Recoleta, the hub of the city’s aristocracy with soaring French architectures and sidewalk cafes); to the many cultural past times and passions (the tango, soccer and polo). Plan on spending time in the “Paris of South America.”

Atacama Desert
In the North of Chile, you’ll discover the Atacama Desert, the driest, most desolate place on earth. The immensity of the Andean Altiplano will surprise you with its dramatic, exotic, awe-inspiring beauty. Geological formations give birth to mountain ranges, volcanoes, salt flats and lagoons, bodies of water that emerge in the middle of the desert, thermal pools, geysers and marshes. An intense blue sky invites you to discover a land crowned by mountains and volcanoes almost 6,000 meters (20,000 feet) high.

Llamas, guanacos and vicuñas graze the plains, while flamingoes and a surprising variety of birds inhabit the lakes and salt flat areas. Foxes, viscachas, rheas and lizards blend into the brightly-colored surroundings.

Awasi, Your Hotel in Atacama
For thousands of years, the town of San Pedro de Atacama has been an oasis for travelers – cattle drivers and shepherds who stopped for the necessary food, water, shelter and rest before they continued on their journey. On this ancient site, you’ll discover a small ”home” to shelter travelers who want to experience the unforgettable Atacama Desert.

The hotel has been designed with only eight rooms, each built of stone, adobe and wood, with thatched roofs. Each room is approximately 646 sq ft, with large bathrooms opening out onto private open-air patios with solarium and showers. Each room is uniquely designed for relaxation, privacy and a well-deserved rest.

A trip especially designed for you…

Awasi is the only hotel in South America that offers an experience 100% tailored  to your desires. Whether you want to embark on adventure, discover the charm of local culture or simply enjoy a romantic escape, Awasi will assign you a personal concierge/guide (along with a 4X4), who will take charge of your stay and design a trip customized to your interests, preferences and pace.

Exquisite cuisine awaits you…

The restaurant, for exclusive use by Awasi guests, offers a daily selection that features the local cuisine but adapted to your taste.

The staff at Awasi is devoted every day to making your stay a unique experience. Between the grandeur of the desert and the welcoming spaces of this hotel, their service is distinguished by the care they give to each detail.

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