Authentic Polar Bear Wildlife Tours in Canada

Not much on this earth compares to the experience of seeing the world’s largest carnivore in its natural environment. A polar bear wildlife tour in Canada gives you the unique opportunity to do just that, in comfort and security. Cregor Adventures offers adventurous and curious travelers several options for seeing this majestic predator as it prepares for the annual trek north.

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Experience a Polar Bear Tour in Churchill, Canada

Churchill, Manitoba — known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”— is your departure point for  three, four, five, six, seven and even eleven day treks along the banks of the Hudson Bay. Our Churchill polar bear tours take you by “tundra buggy” to see polar bears up close. Cregor Adventures’ treks offer plenty of opportunities for wildlife photography with expert guides who bring a naturalist’s insight into the behavior of your subject.

All treks are low-impact and suitable for individuals, couples, families, seniors and anyone else willing to brave the cold to experience one of the world’s most majestic creatures.

Polar bear watching holidays in Canada are one of our most popular trips!

Other Activities

As any visitor will tell you, there’s more to Churchill than just bears! Those who want to see the North a new way can go on an exciting dog sledding adventure, or get a birds-eye view of the tundra on a one-hour helicopter tour. When you’re not out touring the tundra, you can mingle with the friendly locals and take in the sights of historic Churchill — an important 18th and 19th century outpost of the North American fur trade. The Eskimo Museum and Parks Canada Interpretive Center offer unique cultural programming that provides insight into the past, present and future of Canada’s northern native peoples.

Sustainable Canada Polar Bear Tundra Buggy Trips

More than anything, the polar bear is an animal that commands respect. The best Churchill buggy tours are those that take you close enough to the bears that you truly feel the sense of awe they inspire, while still respecting their habitat. Our operators have a proven track record of running their tours with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Flexible Tour Options Available

Cregor Adventures works exclusively with tour operators who have been given special licenses by the provincial government to operate in the protected Churchill Wildlife Management Area. This allows you to choose from the most possible tour options.

We offer all-inclusive tours with meals and accommodations provided as well as other, more flexible options.

Trips for International Clients

International residents interested in a polar bear holiday in Churchill are welcome to contact Cregor Adventures for more information. Though we are an American company, our clients include travelers all over the world. Our October 1 – 6 Enthusiast Tour is led by a Chinese (Mandarin) speaking guide.

Interested in a Polar Bear Photography Tour?

Contact Cregor Adventures for more information about our Churchill polar bear photography trips. Our photography treks operate in the fall when the polar bears are most abundant and are led by photography specialists. We offer all-inclusive tours with meals and accommodations.