Our Tundra Buggy Lodge – Enthusiast itinerary offers you a chance to not only view polar bears, the “kings of the Arctic,” in their own habitat, but also to explore the locale, its history and culture.

Led by our expert guides, you’ll learn the area’s history and culture on a Churchill Town and Area tour, enjoy polar bears from a Tundra Buggy with a comfortable touring group of 20 guests on a 40 passenger Tundra Buggy; visit the Eskimo Museum and Parks Canada Interpretive Center; experience authentic dog sledding adventure and a unique cultural program.

You are fully escorted from Winnipeg.

All Enthusiast Tundra Buggy Lodge Programs Include:

Trip Length:

7 Days/6 Nights (Oct 25 – 31; Oct 31 – Nov 6; Nov 1 – 7)

6 Days/5 Nights (Oct 23 – 28; Oct 26 – 31)

5 Days/4 Nights (Oct 9 – 13; Oct 13 – 17; Oct 17 – 21; Oct 21 – 25)

Accommodations:  Tundra Buggy Lodge; Sheraton Four Points Winnipeg; Churchill Hotel

Meals:  All meals

Leader:  Knowledgeable guide

Group size:  20

Days on the tundra:  3 days

Physical Requirements: Easy. This trip requires very little walking. Tundra buggies can sometimes offer a bumpy ride.

Additional Activities: All departures include a Churchill Town and Area Tour, In addition, all three-night lodge departures include dog sledding. The additional night in Churchill departures includes a visit to the Eskimo Museum and Parks Canada Interpretive Center.

Transportation: Round-trip airfare from Winnipeg/Churchill, and all transfers in Churchill.


Sample Itinerary

Day 1

  • Reservations have been confirmed for you at the Sheraton Four Points Airport Hotel.
  • 9:00 PM  Please meet in the Churchill Room, on the main floor of the Sheraton 4 Points Hotel. You will meet your guide and other tour participants as well as obtain tour departure information.

Day 2

  • 5:45 AM Meet at the hotel lobby (coffee and muffins will be available).
  • 7:00 AM Flight.
  • 9:15 AM Arrival into Churchill. Luggage will be held for you. We will immediately depart on the Town & Area Bus Tour and stop for lunch along the way.  Board the Tundra Buggy Lodge in the late afternoon.

Day 3-5

  • The next three days will be spent out on the Tundra viewing Arctic wildlife.

Day 6

  • 6:00 AM Breakfast will be served at 6:00 a.m. as we will depart the Lodge by 6:45 a.m. Please keep your carry-on luggage with you, as your checked luggage will be  transferred to the airport.
  • 6:00 PM Scheduled departure from Churchill.
  • 8:00 PM Scheduled arrival into Winnipeg.
  • 8:30 PM Reservations have been confirmed for you at the Sheraton Four Points.

Day 7

  • Depart Winnipeg at your leisure
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3 Nights Tundra Buggy Lodge/1 Night Churchill/ 2 Nights Winnipeg

Dates Prices
Oct 25 – Oct 31 $8,349 CAD
Oct 31 – Nov 6 $550 CAD Single Supplement
Nov 1 – Nov 7

3 Nights Tundra Buggy Lodge/ 2 Nights Winnipeg

Dates Prices
Oct 23 – 28 $7,649 CAD
Oct 26 – Oct 31 $250 CAD Single Supplement

2 Nights Tundra Buggy Lodge/2 Nights Winnipeg

Dates Prices
Oct 9 – 13 $6,199 CAD
Oct 13 – 17 $250 CAD Single Supplement
Oct 17 – 21
Oct 21 – 25



3 Nights Tundra Buggy Lodge/1 Night Churchill/ 2 Nights Winnipeg

Dates Prices
Oct 25 – 31 $8,499 CAD
Oct 26 – Nov 1 $550 CAD, Single Supplement
Oct 31 – Nov 6  
Nov 8 – 14  

 3 Nights Tundra Buggy Lodge/ 2 Nights Winnipeg

Dates Prices
Oct 23 – 28 $7,699 CAD
$250 CAD, Single Supplement

 2 Nights Tundra Buggy Lodge/2 Nights Winnipeg

Dates Prices
Oct 9 – 13 $6,249 CAD
Oct 11 – 15 $250 CAD, Single Supplement
Oct 13 – 17
Oct 15 – 19
Oct 17 – 21
Oct 19 – 23
Oct 21 – 25


Prices are listed in Canadian dollars and are subject to change. Prices do not include tax.

All guests of Cregor Adventures are eligible for the GST rebate.

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The most rewarding way to experience the polar bears of Churchill is to immerse yourself in their environment – from  the moment you wake up, throughout the day and into the endless winter nights. The best way to accomplish this is a stay at our world famous Tundra Buggy Lodge.

Each Fall for the last 20+ years, the Lodge has been transported out and assembled about 25 miles east of Churchill, near the shores of the Hudson Bay, the best location for ’round the clock’ bear viewing.

The Tundra Buggy Lodge (100 meters from end to end) is a specially designed facility – comprised of five large, modular units on huge tires, linked together like a train.

The five units consist of two sleeping modules (complete with shared bathrooms and shower facilities), a lounge (with skylights and a rooftop viewing platform), dining room and kitchen, as well as a separate module which houses supplies, staff accomodations and the camp’s power station. Between each unit, and at each end, are open-air platforms that provide safe viewing and photographing areas.

Each of the two sleeping modules in the Tundra Buggy Lodge is made up of 10 upper and 10 lower, twin-sized berths. Each berth includes a window, a reading light, four electrical outlets, a sound-dampening curtain for privacy, bedding (including a warm, Hudson Bay blanket), towels and even earplugs!

In addition, each berth is equipped with a thermostat, allowing our guests to control their individual berth’s temperature for their own comfort.

Each sleeping module has three bathrooms, two of which have showers.

After a great day on the tundra viewing polar bears and other wildlife, our Tundra Buggy Lodge lounge is the perfect place to relax and socialize, swapping stories or sharing images with your fellow adventurers. Before dinner, enjoy a glass of wine and appetizers. After dinner, enjoy presentations by our staff and wildlife experts, including researchers from Polar Bears International. The lounge is equipped with WiFi capability, a multi-touch Smart Board, and audio system.

Perhaps the most unique feature, and our favorite, are the panoramic views from the wall to ceiling windows and a 360° view from the roof-top viewing deck. Perfect for wildlife viewing and an unobstructed view of the Northern Lights!

You’ll find our chef cooking up a storm in the Tundra Buggy Lodge dining hall. You’ll enjoy regional cuisine and hearty home-cooked favorites.

Hot and cold cereals, muffins, fruit, toast, pancakes or eggs are typical breakfast fare. Lunch will be served on the Tundra buggy picnic-style, with soup and sandwiches. For dinner you may enjoy anything from chicken to bison lasagna, from arctic char (a regional favorite) to pasta, Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juices are available throughout the day.

An excellent base for observing the polar bears and other wildlife, the warm and casual Tundra Buggy Lodge provides more time for viewing and photographing.

A stay at the Tundra Buggy Lodge is truly an unforgettable experience!

Winnipeg Hotels
Our base hotel in Winnipeg is the Sheraton Four Points. It is located at the airport, so the convenience cannot be beat!

If you would prefer to spend additional time in Winnipeg, we recommend several downtown hotels including The Hotel Fort Garry and The Inn at the Forks. Please give us a call for more information.

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Heli-Tour Option
Get an unforgettable “birds-eye-view” of the rugged, remote Churchill countryside – from taiga, tundra and boreal forest. An optional helicopter flight over the area will provide you with a unique view of the landscape and wildlife.

Flights run across the Hudson Bay shoreline out to the famous Cape Churchill where the largest males tend to congregate waiting for the ice to freeze. In addition to polar bears, you may also watch caribou, seals and a variety of other wildlife. Tour lengths run 60-minutes and originate from town.

Cregor Adventures will be happy to provide you with details on the costs of helicopter “safaris,” the length of the trips and what you are likely to see on your visit. Please contact our office for details.

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