There’s nothing more magical than being able to discover something new with your children. Traveling is one of the most rewarding things a family can do — together, you can see a different part of the world, experience a different way of life, or share in the breathtaking beauty of nature. In our experience, when children are exposed to different cultures at an early age, they grow up more tolerant, more adventurous and more willing to step outside their comfort zone to pursue new things.

Escorted Family Destination Tours Make Traveling Easy

Of course, as any parent knows, traveling with children is not always the easiest task. Children have shorter attention spans, less patience and often very specific dietary requirements than can be hard to meet in a foreign country. Cregor Adventures takes the work out of traveling with your family. We have several “kid-friendly” itineraries in destinations throughout the world that will keep both parents and children happy. Our small team of experts have years of experience and have personally visited every destination we tour to. Because of this, we can offer unique, authentic experiences that provide something for parents and children alike.

Family Adventures Adventures:

Dozens of Family Adventures Available

From cruising the Amazon River to a Tanzania safari tour, from polar bear watching in Northern Canada to cruising the Galapagos, Cregor Adventures has the best selection of family adventure guided tours available. All our tours are small-groups with a focus on ecological, cultural and social sustainability. We work closely with trusted local tour operators to provide authentic experiences — no all-inclusive resorts or mega cruise ships here! Your children will get a unique window onto the variety of people and nature inhabiting this vast world, without sacrificing safety or creature comforts.

Discover the World as a Family

If you’ve been hesitant to take your children traveling with you, give our team a call. We have several family-friendly itineraries that offer excitement, education and the chance to have unique adventures together. We can also arrange custom or private tours to many of our destinations.

At Cregor Adventures, we firmly believe travel experiences bring families closer together. Our escorted family destination tours are designed to be immersive and, most of all, unforgettable. When you travel with Cregor Adventures, you’re building memories that will last a lifetime.

Give us a call today to find out how we can make your next family vacation one to remember.