Postcards from Past Adventures

Hi Frank,

Back last night from the trip you arranged for me.  A couple of things you may want to know.  Loved the trip, train ride a super special event – well worth it… Scenery spectacular.

Tundra buggy lodge was great and I did get a bottom bunk. They did serve wine and snacks every day on our return from the tundra buggy ride, and Baileys with our coffee or hot chocolate during lunch.   Bears were plentiful and trip wonderful!

Thanks for all your help.

Joy Johnson Arizona Classic – Hotel

Hi Peggy and Frank,

We are back home from our polar bear adventure.   What a fabulous trip!  Thank you and Frontiers North!  We saw beautiful bears and learned so much about Churchill, the unique environment and interesting culture!  Frontiers North took care of every detail – the trip could not have gone more smoothly!  And our guide Hayley was the absolute BEST!

Thank you for booking it and answering all our questions!  We will highly recommend this trip to our friends!  Thanks again for everything!!!!!

Greg and Joanne Lee Arizona Polar Bears of Churchill

Dear Frank,

I want to THANK YOU very much for a super super tour.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  We had 18 and were the first tour on the Buggy.  It was interesting and I loved every minute of it.

I wonder if you would be able to convey, for me, my deepest and heartfelt thanks to the following:
Emma – Ralph – Toby and especially our super Guide Neil Mundy (I think that is his surname – not sure though!). They were so lovely and made me (and I am sure Russell) feel so at home with their love and support. If you could do this for me please so that the above individuals will read this message – I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity to see these beautiful creatures – we do have an Awesome God!

A. Young Australia Tundra Lodge

Hi Frank,

The trip was great!  I have to admit that I’d been steeling myself to be pretty physically uncomfortable being in the rain forest that close to the equator and all, but we really lucked out. The first three days were close to 100 degrees and crazy humid, which was what I was expecting, but what I didn’t expect was that the air conditioning in our cabins was FANTASTIC. (We were in China a couple of years ago, and stayed in a few decent hotels that had air conditioning that was a joke, and frankly that was what I was expecting. I’m very pleased to say that the Tucano greatly exceeded my expectations in that regard!)

Everything was crazy lush—just like you see in the movies—with thick walls of trees on each side of the river. We saw lots of monkeys, sloths and gorgeous birds. And we fished for piranha, and then ate them the next day–they were quite tasty! Actually the food was very good all week.

The other thing that exceeded both our expectations:  all the activities. With three “canoe” trips exploring the waterways and islands for animals and birds plus the morning forest walks nearly every day, we definitely got our money’s worth and made the most of being in Amazonas!

So anyway, it was a fantastic adventure (and a couple of friends at work have asked for a link to your website)! If you like, once we sort through our pictures I’ll share a few of the good ones with you. Thanks again for all your pre-trip help!

L. Thomas Illinois Amazon River Cruise-Manaus, Brazil

From the initial contact I made with Cregor Adventures, all the way to the day of my travel, customer service was excellent.  All my questions were answered quickly and all arrangements were modified to my needs.

What did you like most about the trip?

The hikes into the jungle, the relaxing pace of the trip; the complete absence of phones, computers, TV’s, the educational aspects of the trip, etc.

Couldn’t ask for a better set of guides.  I like the emphasis they placed on ecological preservation.

S. Bhaskaran Texas Amazon River Cruise

I have traveled in 72 countries. The Amazon trip is overwhelming.  Vessel, crew, food, service * five star plus*

W. Prax Alaska Amazon River Cruise

How would you rate your overall trip?

“5” (Excellent)

What did you enjoy most about this trip?

Personal encounter with whales.

L. Shifter Louisiana Baja

The trip was wonderful. The weather cooperated and was sunny, no rain.  The whales were incredible and we did get to touch/pet calves and had whales all around us.  We enjoyed them from shore in our “camp chairs” in the morning and at sunset.  We had a full moon while we were there and it was beautiful.  In the morning, we had the setting moon, the rising sun, and spy-hopping whales right outside our tent.  We both enjoyed it immensely and are already plotting how we can get back down to Baja

It was a wonderful trip, and really made possible by your asking “could your friend do it on a slightly different date” than we’d been trying to get.  Otherwise, everyone was booked.  So, thanks for asking that and so grateful there were 2 spots left.

Many thanks and I’m still blissful from the trip (despite a hectic, wild and wacky week back at work immediately upon return).

H. Allen Washington Baja Discovery

Peggy was fabulous! If she had not found our spots on the boat, we would not have made it to the Galapagos – We really appreciated her efforts and enthusiasm.

Peggy really understood what we were looking for – mix of adventure and comfort. The personalized service, phone calls, communication were excellent.

A. Slade Pennsylvania Galapagos & Ecuador

Hi Peggy,

What a superb trip. Thank you very much for setting it up. The “Eric” and crew were excellent, and the sights and sites – unforgettable.

Ned Colt Galapagos & Ecuador

Hi Peggy:

I hope all is well. Mr. Parsons is back from what he described as a fabulous vacation… He asked me to thank you for putting together such a terrific trip for his group . . . they all had a wonderful time.

Pat New York, New York Galapagos & Ecuador

The Dobbs Family thoroughly enjoyed  our stay in the Galapagos. The home is beautiful but the service, cuisine, hospitality, attention to detail and anticipation of wants and needs made our stay a vacation that will be long remembered. Moreover, the daily events were well planned and extraordinarily well executed. And your pre departure booklet and information were well done and foretold the well organized and hospital reception that greeted us on our arrival. We will miss our friendly and knowledgeable guide John, Teresa’s creativity and knowledge of the islands, Elena’s warm smile and Omar’s talents and impish grin. Don’t lose your enthusiasm, service and hospitality you will rule the islands hospitality and tourism industry.

The Dobbs Family Atlanta, Georgia Galapagos

We looked forward to this trip for months, but it exceeded our expectations. Literally everything was wonderful the hospitality, the service, the food, our guide, the crew, everything. All six of us will remember this forever as a magical vacation. Thanks especially for the attention to every detail. It is a long way from Phoenix to the Galapagos but we hope to return someday.”

The Gotto Family Phoenix, Arizona Galapagos & Ecuador

Dear Peggy,

Well what can I say? We are now home and I must say we are all suffering from a severe dose of post holiday blues, especially the boys who started school yesterday.

It goes without saying that we had the most amazing holiday and we are in your debt for putting it all together for us. Without your help we would have had so much less of a trip and we are all very grateful to you for making it so special. The highlight was undoubtedly the Galapagos (thank you for the wine which we thoroughly enjoyed) and I am so glad you persuaded us to go. Oswaldo, our guide, is a very special person and I just wish there were more men like him in the world. The hotels were outstanding and I do think Peru and Ecuador must be one of the best kept secrets as far as international tourism is concerned. Let’s hope that it stays that way, especially the islands. I would not admit it to anyone else but the Queen Mary 2 trip home was a disappointment after all that came before.

Bruce Howard United Kingdom Galapagos & Ecuador


Have been most negligent–it’s been b-u-s-y since we got home–but what a trip we had–everything went right on schedule and all trips were more than expected. Monica did a great job for us in Quito–we enjoyed her immensely. And the boat–WOW–it was perfect for us–the captain and crew did an excellent job and we had several sails. Our national park guide was very good and our experiences on the islands were outstanding. Lots of wildlife with all kinds of action. The snorkeling was good–and the wetsuits were necessary. We thank you again for all your planning for us and for all the arrangements. Patio Andaluz was fantastic and we loved the location. The hacienda was nice, but a bit out of the way, but we wouldn’t have changed a thing!!!


Dick and Sharon Tennessee Quito & Galapagos Cruise

Hi Peggy,

We had a really great trip and enjoyed our experience immensely.  The Polar Bears were amazing (including some very close encounters)and we got to see a lot of other wildlife as well (Arctic Hares, Arctic Fox, Caribou and Snowy Owls).  Our driver/guide (Glenn Hopfner) on the Tundra Buggy was fantastic and full of great information about the region and animals.  It is definitely a trip we would (and already have) recommended to our friends.

Many thanks for your help in organizing the trip for us.

Katie Hynd US Polar Bears

We got home tonight from our tundra buggy polar tour you booked for us and it was really wonderful.  Everything went smoothly and we saw at least a dozen bears.  We did the helicopter ride and just really enjoyed our trip… Peggy was friendly and informative and follow through and organization great!

Thanks so much for all your help making this trip possible….

I think I am hooked!  I’ve joined PBI (Polar Bears International) and am excited to help their group.

P. Zenglein California Polar Bears of Churchill

We felt (our guide) went above and beyond of what was needed.  She made a point to talk with each person daily, also ask if there was anything more she could do. ..We did not have a concern or worry at all (our guides) had almost all the answers.  We always felt safe and content like family.

Thank you very much Peggy!

Mr. & Mrs. Binney Australia Polar Bears of Churchill

So pleased with professionalism…it seemed Wade and I were the only ones in our group who had so much information.  It made it so easy for us!


Mr. & Mrs. Hughes New York Polar Bears of Churchill

Dear Peggy,

Thank you so much for securing us a room at the Fort Garry Hotel.  It as a magic place to stay!

Staff, absolutely amazing and knowledgeable.  Peggy was brilliant!

The environment, the knowledge of guides and drivers, congenial people, makes tight organization. Dog sled ride. What can you say?  People only dream about this.

The night tour was absolutely amazing, thanks for letting us know about it!  We were one of few who knew about this tour, and the night was brilliant.

The friends and acquaintances in New Zealand find it hard to imagine what this environment is like. Until you go, and experience it for yourself, it is hard to describe.  Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Mr. & Mrs. Ross New Zealand Polar Bears of Churchill

My trip was planned literally on the spur of the moment and Peggy could not have been more helpful.  She was wonderful, thanks Peggy.

I’ve traveled the world and this trip stands out more than all the others…I enjoyed everything, just everything and everybody…I feel so fortunate to have had such a wonderful adventure that I feel guilty telling everyone how much fun I had because they missed out BIG TIME!

The Polar Bears were magical and totally funny.  The northern lights were magnificent!!  The Tundra Buggy accommodations were wonderful.  I couldn’t have imagined the guides to have been as wonderful as they all were.

“Why would you consider traveling with Cregor Adventures again?”

I really enjoyed the down to earth approach to my Polar Bear/Northern Lights adventure.  I am an adventurous nature/animal lover and so is my husband and Cregor Adventures delivered an adventure I cannot stop thinking about.

S. Slonim Florida Polar Bears of Churchill

Peggy was incredibly helpful in all aspects of my vacation with her and it was greatly appreciated…Just a HUGE THANK YOU for helping this trip happen.  I wouldn’t have made it without you.

“What did you enjoy most about this trip?”

Sleeping overnight at the Tundra Buggy Lodge with the Polar Bears sleeping just outside.

5+++ Fantastic

C. Downes Australia Polar Bears of Churchill

Peggy was wonderful to deal with.  Whenever I had a question, I called and she took care of anything I or my parents were concerned about.  Thank you.  I appreciated everything!

G. Wilemon Louisiana Polar Bears of Churchill

We both loved the bears.  I loved the landscape; we arrived on a warm day and saw the tundra willows and grasses in their fall colors.  The next day a blizzard blew in and the boreal forest and ponds were covered with snow.  We also loved John Stetson, the dog-sled guide.  He is smart, charming and funny.  We were very pleased with the Lazy Bear Lodge.  Although it was not by any means fancy, it was absolutely spotless…The log cabin style gave us a “sense of place.”  The atmosphere was frontier town with a lot of homey charm.

Mr. & Mrs. Gould New Jersey Polar Bears of Churchill

(Our guide) really enjoyed his job and seemed to enjoy the encounters as much as the tourists!

Tracie Hovden Iowa Polar Bears of Churchill

The polar bears were wonderful.  Being a birthday surprise for my wife, Peggy was very helpful in keeping it a secret.  She was knowledgeable, helpful and easy to communicate with.

Ted & Bev Glandon Washington Polar Bears of Churchill

We had an excellent time.  The hotel at the airport was also excellent and convenient.

Jim & Tricia Newman United Kingdom Polar Bears of Churchill

We would highly recommend your company to any of our fellow Aussies…

N. Le Mesurier & S. Nolan Australia Polar Bears of Churchill

Read about the trip but Peggy Cregor was soooo helpful…We travel a lot, but this was our #1 in enjoyment and interest.  (Our guide) Brad was so polite, knowledgeable and helpful – I think we’ll adopt him!  Would love to meet Peggy – she is so helpful and cheerful.

What did you enjoy most about this trip?  1.  Seeing Polar Bears; 2. Helicopter trip; 3. Dogsled ride; 4.  Seeing bears airlifted out.

What did you enjoy least about this trip?  Having to come home!

Lorri Wetzel New York Polar Bears of Churchill

(Our guide) was excellent – very pleasant and knowledgeable.  Great fun on the Tundra Buggy.  I had a fabulous time.  It was all and more than I hoped for.  I definitely plan on going back to Churchill in the future.

Elizabeth Helm United Kingdom Polar Bears of Churchill

Those who know me well, know that I have long been fascinated with the Polar Bear.  Every Christmas season, my friends and family receive Holiday cards with a Polar Bear or Bears as the design — it’s become my signature.  The walls of my home contain numerous photos of the bears, as well as quite a few stuffed animals.

I became aware of Churchill many years ago — I was probably a teenager — when I saw a National Geographic special about the town, the first Tundra Buggies and professional photographers filming the bears. The bears wait patiently in Churchill for the ice to form on the bay so that they can go out and hunt seals. I’ve wanted to visit ever since!  After a couple of trying years, I decided that this year was THE year and booked a tour through Cregor Adventures (run by a lovely lady named Peggy) …  I’ve been all over this country, on all sorts of vacations, but this was simply the BEST trip ever!

Liz Krikzil Arizona Polar Bears of Churchill

The trip was great! I believe the size of the group made all of the difference – we were a group of 12. It was wonderful, we saw all of the animals that we could possibly see! Our guide was great! The accommodations were great! Very comfortable. I did pay the single supplement and appreciated having the extra bunk for space so that I could spread out my stuff. I appreciated the meals that you provided during our time in Churchill and accommodations in the hotels in Winnipeg. Our guide was absolutely wonderful! He was friendly and answered all questions! I can’t give him enough praise. He spent plenty of time with the animals that we encountered so that we could get plenty of pictures. Fantastic guide!


I had seen information about Churchill several years ago on the TV news. I had always had that trip in the back of my mind. I went online and looked at some of the options to do this trip. I told a friend that I wanted to do this but the cost was prohibitive. He looked it up and found Cregor Adventures that was less than some of the others. I inquired, found out that there was availability and I decided then and there that I wanted to do it. I have already recommended this trip to friends and relatives. The only thing that concerns me is that the group I was in was only 12. I saw other Tundra Buggies that were full. I would not like this. With a small group, it was easier to get going in the morning, we were a cooperative group, there were six Australians, four British, one Norwegian, and me. It was a very nice composition of nice people. We had plenty of room to move around on the Tundra Buggy. The bus seats worked well in the Tundra Buggy. Thank you very much!

Anonymous Polar Bears of Churchill

Hi Peggy,

We had a brilliant time. It was cold -36 and with windchill it was down to -56!!! We saw the waterfall at Thompson which was spectacular with all the snow and ice and an Otter on the far bank.

The dog sledding was cold but great and we built an igloo and did curling which was fun.

The lights were amazing. You do not get the same view from a photo as they are all over your head and move and ripple. We saw them 2 nights from the domes and a bit from the train.

Melissa Scott our group leader was so knowledgeable and such fun to be with. I don’t know how she keeps track of everyone and everything. She was exceptional and never tired of telling you things.

With all the clothes we had we were never cold just couldn’t move!

We would happily go again.


Lucia and Mike Florida Northern Lights

Hi Peggy,

Just thought I’d let you know all went to plan with my Peru trip.

I made the trek. The mountain lodges were so much better than I could ever have hoped. Manu [Amazon] was great if not rather wet (wellies were standard issue!) and my guides were fantastic – so particular about making sure all went well. So overall it was a very hectic holiday but I came home feeling I couldn’t possibly have fitted anything else in.

So a very big thank you for creating my holiday for me & time for me to start thinking about where next !!


Debbie M. United Kingdom Hiking Inca Trail

Peggy and Frank,

The trip was wonderful. The weather was great, only heavy rain the last morning in the Amazon Basin, and the hotels and guides were perfect. Machu Picchu was amazing. We could not have enjoyed it more.

Thank you for your help and planning. We all had a fantastic time and would be happy to recommend the trip to others.

Would like to go back to visit the southwest and see the Lake islands and the Nasca signs.

Thanks again for your coordination and assistance. Have a great 2012.

E. Dobbs Georgia Highlights of Peru

If it weren’t for Peggy, we wouldn’t have been in Costa Rica on such a great vacation.  She found a tour and airline tickets (non-stop)!

Why would you consider traveling with Cregor Adventures again?  Because of all the personal help we received, and Peggy had so much first-hand experience.

What did you enjoy most about this trip?  The animals in the rainforests, the hot springs, the white-water rafting, the “Ticos”…Fabian [our guide] was so sincere and helpful.  He really tried to please everyone (i.e. finding supplementary activities).  He also knew so much about the flora and fauna and checked his own guidebook for additional information or to verify what he already know.  He woke early for those of us who wanted to go on early morning nature walks.  I don’t want to forget to mention that Fabian had an excellent sense of humor.

Carlos was our driver.  He was terrific!  Not only was he an expert driver, but he was great at spotting wildlife.  Alvaro took us white-water rafting.  He was delightful and told many stories.  The “Ticos” are exceptionally warm and friendly.

Mr. & Mrs. Kaufman New York Costa Rica Highlights