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Not much on this earth compares to the experience of seeing the world’s largest carnivore in its natural environment. A polar bear wildlife tour in Canada gives you the unique opportunity to do just that, in comfort and security. Cregor Adventures offers adventurous and curious travelers several options for seeing this majestic predator as it prepares for the annual trek north.

Seeing the Polar Bears of Churchill is truly a trip of a lifetime!

Why Churchill?

Located on the western shore of the Hudson Bay, on the edge of the Arctic, over a 1,000 polar bears migrate through the Churchill area each year waiting for the ice to form. Because of the high concentration of polar bears, Churchill, Manitoba is known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.”

In the early 1980’s, several pioneering individuals developed Churchill’s tourist industry. They designed and built the first “Tundra Buggy” on a fire engine chassis. This allowed tourists to see these magnificent creatures up close, in safety, while in their natural habitat. And a new industry was born!

Although you may see bears throughout the summer, the best time to see them is in October and November as they congregate along the shore, waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze. Once the Bay is frozen, they make their trek north. They will live on this sea ice all winter, hunting ringed seals. As the sea ice melts and drifts southerly in late Spring and early Summer, the polar bears find themselves again in the Churchill area, only to repeat the cycle in the Fall.

There’s more to Churchill than just bears!

Those who want to see the North in a unique way can go on an exciting dog sledding adventure, or get a birds-eye view of the tundra on a one-hour helicopter tour. When you’re not out touring the tundra, you can mingle with the friendly locals and take in the sights of historic Churchill — an important 18th and 19th century outpost of the North American fur trade. The Itsanitaq Museum and Parks Canada Interpretive Center offer unique cultural programming that provides insight into the past, present and future of Canada’s northern native peoples.

Interested in a Polar Bear Photography Tour?

Contact Cregor Adventures for more information about our Churchill polar bear photography trips. Our photography treks operate in the fall when the polar bears are most abundant and are led by photography specialists. We offer all-inclusive tours with meals and accommodations. Polar bear watching holidays in Canada are one of our most popular trips!

Our polar bear tours are offered in October and November to take advantage of their migration pattern.

Experience a Polar Bear Tour in Churchill, Canada

Churchill, Manitoba is your departure point for three, four, five, six, seven and eleven day treks along the banks of the Hudson Bay. Our Churchill polar bear tours take you by “Tundra Buggy” to see polar bears up close. Cregor Adventures’ treks offer plenty of opportunities for wildlife photography with expert guides who bring a naturalist’s insight into the behavior of your subject. All treks are low-impact and suitable for individuals, couples, families, seniors and anyone else willing to brave the cold to experience one of the world’s most majestic creatures.

Why a Cregor Adventures Tour to Churchill?

30+ Years Experience

Far too many companies offer numerous destinations and itineraries – to places that they themselves have never been to but have only read about. You deserve better – you deserve a company that offers first-hand knowledge and “value added.”Cregor Adventures has personally traveled to each of our destinations – often several times.

Exclusive Access

Our polar bear program meets standards set by Manitoba Sustainable Development and Parks Canada, which allows us to take guests into places where only we can go, offering unparalleled experiences. We currently hold the only business license to house guests inside Wapusk National Park (at our Tundra buggy Lodge); and we also hold the most permits to operate on the Churchill Wildlife Management Area trail network. We have an impeccable safety record and hold all the necessary permits that allow our guests to travel with peace of mind.

We realize most people visit Churchill to experience its magic just once in their lives. For that reason, we recommend you know the company you will be traveling with and what kind of “authentic” experience they offer. We’re one of only two companies that have permits to access the full range of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Companies who don’t have the proper permits, offer trips aboard school-bus type vehicles that can travel along the road to Halfway Point. Which, as the name implies, is only half-way to the prime polar bear viewing area.

Passionate, Professional Guides

Our world-class guides and drivers offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. They can spot Chosen for their expertise, our enthusiastic and engaging team will make sure you leave having had the adventure of a lifetime.

We’re Committed to Conservation and Social Responsibility

We believe that our responsibility as a wildlife tour operator includes not only a focus on conservation, but also on supporting the communities in which we travel. Through support of Polar Bears International and the northern communities where tours take place, we are able to provide an enriched experience for our guests and at the same time do some good for the wildlife, people and places we operate.

Our approach to social responsibility involves three core areas: Environmental Stewardship, Caring for People and Community Involvement and Educational Outreach. To learn the full extend of our social responsibility activities in the Churchill area, please email us at info@cregoradcentures.com.

Education (Partnering with PB International)

As a travel company, we bring guests to incredible places so you can experience first-hand the history, culture and wildlife of an area of the world that not many people will have the chance to see.

We realize that we also have a responsibility to not only ensure we are traveling sustainably in these fragile ecosystems, but also to inspire and educate people around the world to be passionate about the North and everyone and everything who live there.

It is this responsibility that has fueled partnership with Polar Bears International (PBI). PBI is the world’s leading polar bear conservation group, dedicated to saving polar bears by saving their habitat.

Through this exclusive partnership with PBI, our guests learn first-hand from species experts who join us on our Tundra Buggies and at our Tundra Buggy Lodge to share their knowledge about arctic wildlife and climate change.

Tourism Leaders

Our partner is an award-winning and internationally known leader in Canada’s eco-tourism industry and has been recognized by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada as one of the top three sustainable tourism operators.

A Note from Peggy…

Sometime in the early 80’s, I saw the documentary, Polar Bear Alert! It focused on the small frontier town of Churchill, Manitoba and how it co-exists alongside these magnificent (and dangerous) creatures. You may recall that documentary…remember the children Trick or Treating while polar bears were near the town?

I was fascinated by the opportunity to visit polar bears in their natural habitat. I guess you could say it was the first item on my bucket list – before I knew what a bucket list was!

Several years later, I discovered a family-owned business pioneering tourism in the Churchill area. I jumped at the chance, along with my mother, to travel up to the Canadian Arctic to see these “Kings of the Arctic” up-close and personal.

We were not disappointed. Imagine a polar bear, having no fear of us, slowly and curiously, walking up to our Tundra Buggy. Then, standing up on its hind legs, looking at me, almost eye-to-eye.

It was their creation of the original tundra vehicle, the Tundra Buggy, that allowed this incredible experience to happen and ignited adventuring amongst polar bears in Churchill. Today, thirty years later, this same family-owned and operated business is our partner as we offer programs for guests with an adventurous spirit and specific interests in experiential travel, photography, wildlife, and indigenous culture.