If it weren’t for Peggy, we wouldn’t have been in Costa Rica on such a great vacation. She found a tour and airline tickets (non-stop)!

Why would you consider traveling with Cregor Adventures again? Because of all the personal help we received, and Peggy had so much first-hand experience.

What did you enjoy most about this trip? The animals in the rainforests, the hot springs, the white-water rafting, the “Ticos”…Fabian [our guide] was so sincere and helpful. He really tried to please everyone (i.e. finding supplementary activities). He also knew so much about the flora and fauna and checked his own guidebook for additional information or to verify what he already know. He woke early for those of us who wanted to go on early morning nature walks. I don’t want to forget to mention that Fabian had an excellent sense of humor.

Carlos was our driver. He was terrific! Not only was he an expert driver, but he was great at spotting wildlife. Alvaro took us white-water rafting. He was delightful and told many stories. The “Ticos” are exceptionally warm and friendly.