Guided Tours of Antarctica

Journey to the true ends of the earth with Cregor Adventures. Since it was first discovered, Antarctica has held an almost mythic grip on the popular imagination. The only continent without indigenous inhabitants, it was not until 1820 that its existence was even confirmed. And only in recent years has it become an accessible tourist destination. If you’re ready to see this unforgettable wonder for yourself, contact Cregor Adventures. We offer a number of flexible itineraries that give you the chance to explore this magical frozen frontier.

Join our seasoned expedition team as they voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula and see one of the richest assortments of marine life on the planet. From seals to whales to penguins and seabirds, the diversity of Antarctica’s native populations more than makes up for its lack of human inhabitants. Perhaps even more thrilling are the area’s impressive glaciers and ice floes that tower over you like a canyon as you cruise the narrow passages of the Lemaire Channel.

If this sounds like an adventure for you, contact Cregor Adventures to book your guided tour of Antarctica today!

Antarctica Adventures:

See the Blue Continent From an Expedition Ship

Our 9-12 day guided Antarctica tours give you a number of options for exploring the coastline. Choose from small ship to expedition vessels, each with zodiac landing crafts. Tours will take you to far-flung destinations like Elephant Island, the Drake Passage and Ushuaia, Argentina — places whose names alone evoke the spirit of adventurers past. You’ll travel in comfort, enjoying gourmet meals and attentive service. Lectures from leading naturalists, photography workshops and other educational programs are also available as you pass the days at sea.

Expanded Polar Tours

Looking for more than just a taste of the Antarctic? Cregor Adventures also offers 20-32 day immersive adventures that take you through the Falkland and South Georgia Islands, down the Drake Passage and finally to the Antarctic Peninsula itself.

Your first port of call begins in Port Stanley, the largest town in the windswept archipelago that comprises the Falklands. Birders, in particular, will be especially happy here, as it is home to 63 breeding species and many more annual migrants. Next stop on your Antarctic journey is South Georgia, a remote island where you’ll discover over 100,000 breeding pairs of king penguins, as well as elephant seals and other marine life swimming just off the coast. From there we’ll pass through Elephant and the South Shetland Islands before beginning the journey to Antarctica proper.

Antarctic Adventures Await!

A guided tour of Antarctica and the southern Polar Regions is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you’ve decided you’re ready to take this journey, contact Cregor Adventures today. We offer comprehensive packages that focus on delivering unique experiences for young and old. We can develop special itineraries for families, couples and seniors as well as special-interest itineraries and general interest tours. Give us a call today — your Antarctic adventure awaits!