We’re currently developing our 2024 Antarctica adventures, itineraries and pricing. Please contact us for current information about trips to your favorite destination(s).

Journey to the true ends of the earth with Cregor Adventures. Since it was first discovered, Antarctica has held an almost mythic grip on the popular imagination. The only continent without indigenous inhabitants, it was not until 1820 that its existence was even confirmed. And only in recent years has it become an accessible tourist destination. If you’re ready to see this unforgettable wonder for yourself, contact Cregor Adventures. We offer a number of flexible itineraries that give you the chance to explore this magical frozen frontier.

Join our seasoned expedition team as they voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula and see one of the richest assortments of marine life on the planet, and perhaps even more thrilling, the impressive glaciers and ice floes that tower over you like a canyon as you cruise the narrow passages of the Lemaire Channel.