Patagonia: Chile & Argentina

We’re currently developing our 2024 Patagonia ~ Chile & Argentina adventures, itineraries and pricing. Please contact us for current information about trips to your favorite destination(s).

Some 500 years ago, a group of explorers sailed along the coast of an undiscovered land and spotted natives’ fires that appeared to float mystically upon the waters in the mist of dawn. Intrigued, they duly named it Tierra del Fuego – the land of fire.

Today, cruise with us along the same path of some of the world’s greatest explorers – Magellan, Drake and Darwin, to an extremely remote place, where the mountains meet the ocean, where Mother Nature will fill you with awe, and where time appears to have stood still.

In this wild and magic area of glaciers, perennial snow, sea lions, penguins and the lush vegetation, you will journey through legendary sea routes in one of the most unexplored areas of the planet, a region unimaginably beautiful and indomitable, unspoiled and imposing.