Frank and Peggy Cregor with Ape

The Cregor Advantage

When making decisions regarding who to use for your dream vacation, you want to be sure you select the best company to meet your unique needs and desires.  After you determine your destination, this choice of companies may be your most important decision.  There are typically several companies who can “do the job.”  But you want and deserve more.

You are looking for more than a few days or weeks of great adventure. You are looking for an experience that will provide you with Memories for a Lifetime.

We invite you to look at Cregor Adventures – since 2002, we have helped hundreds of guests find their perfect itineraries, guides, and authentic and unique accommodations.

A “Good Neighbor” Company

During our first trip to the Amazon, we learned about “symbiotic” relationships. These occur when two or more different organisms or different species have a prolonged association with each other that typically benefits each member.

For example, the Brazil nut is an important source of food for the agouti. The agouti bites open the tough outer shell and eats the nuts inside. Sometimes it buries some of the seeds for later use, and forgets where they all are, so some will have the chance to germinate. Without the gnawing of the agouti, the Brazil nut would be unable to germinate through its extremely hard shell.

We believe that travelers to natural environments should adopt this same type of “symbiotic” relationship with their destinations. The wildlife and local culture offer us an insight into nature and into ourselves that we could not experience without them. And, without the interest and financial benefits that we bring to them, they could not exist in their natural state. If we work together, both entities benefit.

In order for us to ensure that we help to improve both the wildlife and indigenous populations, Cregor Adventures is proud to have created a tax exempt foundation, “Kids Across the Mountain,” which allows us to give back to wildlife and to the different areas and cultures that we visit. There are no administrative charges so that all monies go directly to help where it is most needed. For more information please contact us at