Machu Picchu & Peru

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Once home to an empire rich enough to rival the dynasties of Europe, the ancient city of Machu Picchu has become synonymous with the great cultural achievement of the Incan civilization. Still awe-inspiring today, nearly 500 years after it was abandoned, Machu Picchu is a sight that must be seen in person. Cregor Adventures’ small group trips to Machu Picchu in Peru give you an intimate, insider’s look at the Sacred Valley of the Inca, culminating in a trip to the great lost city itself.

Go Beyond the Tourist Trail

There’s a number of good reasons Peru has emerged as a major tourist destination in recent years. Aside from the area’s rich cultural history, it is also home to great food, friendly people and a cheerful attitude that has a way of enticing visitors. The downside of this, however, is that many guided tours rarely stray from the established destinations. Not so with Cregor Adventures. We take you beyond a standard itinerary to the Peru only locals know. Our trips are fully escorted and customizable to your desires.