Travel Company

What Should You Look for in a Travel Company?

Knowledge of Destinations & Itineraries

Far too many companies offer numerous destinations and itineraries – to places that they themselves have never been to but have only read about. You deserve better – you deserve a company that offers first-hand knowledge and “value added.”Cregor Adventures has personally traveled to each of our destinations – often several times. And, we regularly attend annual international travel seminars to continue to stay up-to-date on our destinations. We have established personal relationships with the owners/land operators. This knowledge allows us to recommend special, out of the ordinary, authentic experiences, whether they be that unique Galapagos yacht or villa, boutique accommodations overlooking a spectacular volcano or the perfect way for you to see polar bears in Canada or Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda.

Ability to Offer Specials Unavailable to General Public

You may feel that the advice and recommendations of a travel company are too expensive. While that may be true with some ordinary larger companies, it is far from the truth for the top quality niche travel providers. Because of our connections, Cregor Adventures is offered preferential treatment from our partners and can pass these discounts and “add-ons,” which are unavailable to the general public, to you. These come in the form of trip price discounts, free accommodation upgrades, free meals, gift certificates, etc.

No Invisible Charges

Booking through Cregor Adventures will not cost you extra. We do not charge fees for our services and expertise. In fact, we can often save you money through our relationships with our partners throughout the world.

Unbiased Opinions

We offer you a variety of options for any one destination, based on YOUR needs and desires. By booking directly with some tour operators, you’ll have only one choice – theirs.

Only “Good” Surprises

Travel is an adventure full of many great surprises that Mother Nature provides, and that is the way it should be – your first encounter with fresh water pink dolphins or mountain gorillas, the early morning view of Machu Picchu, the thunder of a calving iceberg in Antarctica. Our job is to keep the surprises great – not frustrating. After your flight and process through customs, you will not be left alone to find your way to your hotel (or even worse to figure out where your luggage is). Rather, you will be greeted with a smiling, professional guide to comfortably take you to your hotel. And, you will not find that your hotel room’s reservations has been “lost” or that the ship’s cabin that you selected was also promised to another guest. We do all the background, invisible work so that all your surprises are good ones.

The “Right” Tour Size for You

You may prefer a private, custom itinerary. Or, you may prefer to travel with a group of like-minded people. Whatever the case, the way your travel is organized can make a big difference to your satisfaction. For those preferring a custom tour, we can accommodate almost all requests, from a private guide/driver for a couple or family, to chartering a private yacht in the Galapagos for a group from 10-49 people. Whether you want a guide who is a general Naturalist or one specializing in photography, birding, mammals, diving, or mountain climbing we have relationships with all of them and can find the perfect personality to fit your own particular interests. If you like being part of a group, Cregor Adventures will make you feel like a member of a Family. Our groups are small, allowing each person to receive the personal attention so important with an adventure. We will help you find the perfect group that has the same interests you have.

One Stop Full Service

You will need to look no further than Cregor Adventures for all aspects of your trip. Our goal is to listen to your desires for your trip and then to make suggestions/recommendations for your particular customized itinerary and budget. We offer you service seven days a week – we always have guests traveling so we are available to answer questions even on weekends and often on evenings. We have a full service air travel agency which can assist you with flights anywhere in the world. Our guides are waiting for you when you arrive at your destination and are there to bid you a final farewell when you depart. And because no one plans on experiencing any unforeseen changes in their travel plans (but they can happen), Cregor Adventures is pleased to offer Travel Guard Insurance, one of the very best in the travel industry. Whether you need to cancel your trip because of a family member’s illness or work related reason, trip insurance can come to your rescue.

Pre-Departure Information

We offer complete pre-departure packets, which include:

  • Information to make your trip even more comfortable and enjoyable
  • Reading lists and the ease of ordering directly through Cregor Adventures

Continuing Education

Cregor Adventures personally travels to most of our destinations every several years. This gives us an opportunity to sail on new boats, stay at new hotels, and experience new itineraries. We regularly attend annual international travel seminars to continue to stay up-to-date on our destinations and to meet with our international partners. We continue to improve our knowledge of our destinations by completing continuing education courses. We currently hold “Specialist” certificates sponsored from the following countries:
• Peru • Ecuador • Chile • Costa Rica • Alaska “UnCruise” Specialist