A Letter from Peggy

The genesis of Cregor Adventures began one Winter night in 1994. My husband had just finished reading an article about the burning of the rainforest in Brazil and announced to me that our Family had to visit and learn about the Amazon’s precious natural history before it was lost forever. This was the beginning of our understanding and appreciation of the fact that “eco-tourism” is one of the most effective methods to preserve our exotic and exciting wildlife.

Perhaps like you, travel was not new to either of us who had visited every state in the country, nearly every National Park in the US and many in Canada, not to mention Europe and parts of South America.

Since then, we have added the Amazon, Galapagos Islands, Peru, Baja, Costa Rica, Churchill, Rwanda/Uganda, Tanzania, Antarctica, Chile and Argentina – marveling at the beauty, grandeur and mystery of the wildlife and vegetation. And, we are grateful that we were able to share these experiences with our son and both Mothers. Cregor Adventures specializes in small groups and completely customized trips, featuring top quality, experienced and friendly guides. peggyWe have visited and know all our destinations well, and we have developed close relationships with the best, most experienced land operators to offer you experiences that few other people even dream of. Please see the different wonderful and exciting destinations that we offer. We would be honored to help you select the perfect itinerary and to assist you in all of your travel preparations so that your next trip is truly a “Trip of a Lifetime.”