Our Baja Discovery Whale Watching Tours

Have you ever wanted to get close to one of nature’s gentlest giants? Every year, the Gray Whale makes its southern migration from the frigid waters of the Bering Sea to the Baja Peninsula, where they come to breed just off Mexico’s Pacific Coast. A Baja whale watching tour from Cregor Adventures gives you exclusive access to one of the best whale-watching spots on the coast, where twice daily panga tours will bring you within arm’s reach of these majestic mammals.

You’ll not only be able to observe the whales as they go about their complex social behaviors — including spy-hopping, fluking and breaching — you’ll actually have the chance to interact with them without disturbing their natural environment.

Baja Adventures:

See Gray Whales Up Close

Cregor Adventures’ Baja whale watching tours run throughout February and March. We strive to make your trip seamless with comfortable accommodations and unique opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take advantage of. Our Baja whale watching tours begin in San Diego, where you’ll meet with your team leader and be transferred to San Ignacio Lagoon. From there, you’re just a short boat ride away from Whale Camp — your exclusive lodging for the duration of your trip.

Unique Accommodations in an Island Paradise

Whale Camp, your home throughout your Baja whale watching tour, is neither a faceless resort nor a run-down hotel. For use exclusively by our guests, Whale Camp is comfortable, clean and private. Each meal presents you with a number of choices, from American comfort fare, to traditional Mexican, to fresh, local seafood. Complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks are served with each meal and during cocktail hour.

At Whale Camp, your days will be filled with small boat excursions into the lagoon to see the whales up close. At night, you’ll be lulled to sleep by their song in your large and comfortable private tent.

Dedicated to Preservation

Though Gray Whales aren’t endangered, at Cregor Adventures we consider our time with them to be a precious gift that must be protected for future generations. From powering our Whale Camp exclusively with solar energy, to touring the lagoon in small boats that don’t disturb the whales’ natural breeding patterns, every aspect of our Baja whale watching tours has been calculated to provide the most sustainable experience possible. When not out in the water, you can take advantage of guest lectures by conservationists and marine biologists and learn more about what you can do to help the long-term survival of these gentle giants.

For more information about our Baja whale watching tours, contact Cregor Adventures today.

Postcards from Past Adventures

The trip was wonderful. The weather cooperated and was sunny, no rain.  The whales were incredible and we did get to touch/pet calves and had whales all around us.  We enjoyed them from shore in our “camp chairs” in the morning and at sunset.  We had a full moon while we were there and it was beautiful.  In the morning, we had the setting moon, the rising sun, and spy-hopping whales right outside our tent.  We both enjoyed it immensely and are already plotting how we can get back down to Baja

It was a wonderful trip, and really made possible by your asking “could your friend do it on a slightly different date” than we’d been trying to get.  Otherwise, everyone was booked.  So, thanks for asking that and so grateful there were 2 spots left.

Many thanks and I’m still blissful from the trip (despite a hectic, wild and wacky week back at work immediately upon return.)

Thanks again.

H. Allen Washington Baja Discovery